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Going beyond quizzes as the traditional learning assessment

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You can use quizzes beyond the traditional learning assessment. Using the Quizzes tool, you can increase students’ participation in class with better preparation, review difficult concept which students missed using the quiz report, provide opportunity for your students to practice for upcoming tests and exams, and gather relevant data to assess students’ progress. Here are some best practices for using the quizzes tool:

  1. To encourage student participation and preparation.
    • Create quizzes to test required course readings prior to covering the class lectures. It will encourages students to prepare for class and increase their in-class participation.
    • Create bonus quizzes as incentives for students.
  2. To identify difficult areas or missed concept and gather data on student success.
    • Check Question Statistics: to find difficult questions that needs to be reviewed.
    • Check Question Details: to find difficult questions in detail, text responses, bonus questions, and private section comments.
    • Check User Statistics: to find class average, score distribution, and students’ scores.

There are 2 tools you can use to run quiz analysis to help you understand student learning outcomes:

  1. Using the quiz statistics. From the Manage Quizzes page, click on Statistics from the menu of the quiz you want to view.
  2. Using the quiz reports. You must set up quiz reports from the Reports Setup tab for the appropriate quiz before you can view or export reports.

Question Statistics view inside Desire2Learn Quiz