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Posted in December 2013

Engaging student activity at the beginning of term for your online class
3 easy ways to confirm that your students have checked in and participating in the class activities on the first weeks of the class. Posted December 16, 2013
people talking Why are my online discussions so boring? 7
Why is it so much harder to facilitate a satisfying discussion online? Posted December 9, 2013
Changes coming to the PCC Library
The following is from Donna Reed, Director of the PCC Library: The library has been hard at work setting up […] Posted December 3, 2013
Question Statistics view inside Desire2Learn Quiz Going beyond quizzes as the traditional learning assessment
You can use quizzes beyond the traditional learning assessment. Using the Quizzes tool, you can increase students' participation in class with better preparation, review difficult concept which students missed using the quiz report, provide opportunity for your students to practice for upcoming tests and exams, and gather relevant data to assess students' progress. Posted December 2, 2013