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Desire2Learn 10.1 upgrade update

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We will be upgrading to Desire2Learn 10.1 on June 19th. We originally announced this upgrade in October 2012, but delayed the “Spring Break” date based on a recommendation from the vendor due to performance issues in an earlier version.  We have completed our evaluation of the stability of Desire2Learn’s platform, verified banner integration, and evaluated the latest service packs and are excited to move forward with this upgrade.

Faculty are not required to attend training, and have had their questions addressed simply by watching our upgrade videos. However, we recommend coming to a training to get any questions answered by our dedicated staff.

How to get ready

Here are the steps we recommend to prepare for the upgrade

  • Watch the side-by-side comparison videos

  • Update your Summer term course

  • Take a training

Overview of the changes

Jim Johnstone has put together side-by-side comparison videos of our current version 9.4.1 and version 10.1 so you can see the differences.


Our staff have been preparing for this upgrade since August 2012 and are excited to show you the new version. They have been offering “sneak-peak” sessions since April 9th and are now offering upgrade trainings. Sign up for a training.


Timing of upgrades is always challenging. We have already updated our new Distance Education website to include a breadth of support materials for Desire2Learn version 10.1. As you start working with version 10.1, you can quickly find the right help resources on the web without having to leave your course.

In addition, we will offer faculty help desk coverage over the weekend to assist faculty before the term starts. Our staff will be available from 11am-5pm on Sunday, June 23rd, to assist with any post-upgrade issues.

More information

You can get more information on the upgrade, our timeline, and details on the template for new courses on our Spaces project page, though you will need to log in with your MyPCC username and password.

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