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Desire2Learn version 10.1 upgrade timeline

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It’s been a while since we delayed our upgrade to Desire2Learn Version 10.1 and I wanted to share our new tentative upgrade date and critical decision points for the upgrade. The previous upgrade was delayed largely based on a recommendation from the vendor due to performance issues in an earlier version.

We are now tentatively planning on an upgrade date of June 19th, 2013. However, we will make a final decision on whether to keep to that date by May 3rd based on four critical points.

  1. Stability of Desire2Learn infrastructure
  2. Verification of Banner integration
  3. PCC testing of latest service pack updates
  4. Experience from other institutions who have already upgraded

The details

First, we need to be sure that Desire2Learn has made their infrastructure stable. We cannot have a repeat of this past term and do not want to endeavor an upgrade without certainty of the platform’s stability.

Second, we need to verify that our real-time integration with our Banner student information system works as expected in our test environment. Banner integration manages course creation, account creation, and enrollments.

Third, our staff will conduct our own tests on the most recent service pack release from Desire2Learn to see if it addresses performance issues and functions as expected. We had already done this with both version 10 and 10.1 prior to postponing our previous upgrade date.

Fourth, we will confirm with Desire2Learn that they are resuming upgrades of other clients to the most recent service pack and reach out to institutions who have already upgraded to 10.1 to see if the latest service pack has addressed performance issues.


Our staff have been preparing for this upgrade since August 2012 and are excited to show you the new version. They are going to offer sneak-peak trainings starting on April 9th for those of you who haven’t yet seen the new system. Watch for an update from Melany Budiman with the dates and details.

Overview of the changes

Jim Johnstone has put together side-by-side comparison videos of our current version 9.4.1 and version 10.1 so you can see the differences.

More information

You can get more information on the upgrade, our timeline, and details on the new template on our Spaces project page, though you will need to log in with your MyPCC username and password.

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