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Testing accommodations

On a course by course basis, the eligibility for specific accommodation will need to be applied. Guidance on frequently requested testing accommodations follow – but please contact one of our Office Assistants to be connected with a practitioner if you have questions.

NOTE: If you create copies of quizzes or exams for students using accommodation, please ensure any updates or changes are applied consistently.

Testing agreements

Use the faculty login to our PCC accommodation system to verify active student requests. Many instructors proctor their exams with accommodation in place, but sometimes assistance is needed. If the Testing Center is needed to assist with proctoring, it is vital that instructors complete the testing agreement. If this is not done, students will not be able to schedule their exams.

Extended Time

If a timed assessment is being administered in Brightspace Quizzes, there are options to extend the time for individual students as needed. See the video tutorial Grant Special Access to Users for a Quiz.

Reader or Scribe

If a student in your course is eligible for use of a reader or scribe, Accessible Ed & Disability Resources will work with that student to ensure we can provide that assistance. This may be provided through use of a human aide or through use of technology such as text-to-speech (software that reads out loud) or voice recognition software. When an aide is assigned to serve as a reader or scribe for exams we will communicate directly with faculty and/or the Testing Centers.

When a student has this eligibility, it will be important to ensure the digital exam is accessible.

  • Brightspace Quizzes: If you create a multiple choice, true/false, multi-select, fill-in-the-blank, short answer or long answer assessment that does not have images or equations, your quiz will be accessible to the student (i.e. just text).
    • If you have images, alt-text will need to be added to the image.
    • If there are equations, you will need to use the equation editor.
  • Documents: If you provide your student a document that has instructions for a paper, project, questions for the student to answer, etc, then these documents should be formatted accessibly.

Remember you can always reach out to access-tech-group@pcc.edu if you aren’t sure if the digital exam is accessible.

Providing breaks – exams broken by instructor

When a student has a documented need to be able to take breaks during exams, instructors may wish to consider breaking the exam into chunks so that only one portion of the exam is available at a time.  In Brightspace, you can create the exam in as many parts as needed, then Grant Special Access to Users.

Environment related accommodation

If a student with this type of eligibility has questions, please direct them to Accessible Ed & Disability Resources for assistance.