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Health and Safety Planning Process

This page describes the process programs and departments will follow to oversee health and safety planning and compliance for each area. Included is a planning timeline, description of the process, and a description of the health and safety plan for each program. 

Upcoming Q&A

These two sessions are focused around the Health & Safety planning for Winter term.

November 09, 2021 10:00AM – 11:00AM

November 16, 2021 10:00AM – 11:00AM

Hosted by:

  • Kurt Simonds – Dean of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs
  • Angela McMahon – Director of the Office of Reopening
Task Task Owner Due Date
Information Sessions /w newly returning programs and departments or by request for already operating programs and departments Reopening Team/Academic Affairs 10/25/21 to 11/16/21
Walkthroughs scheduled Logistics Team 11/05/22
Walkthroughs for newly returning programs and departments Logistics Team 11/08/21 to 12/03/21
DUE DATE – Order PPE, equipment, and supplies Deans 12/03/21
DUE DATE – Submit Completed Health & Safety checklist Deans 12/03/21
DUE DATE – Finalize classroom and lab schedules in Banner Deans 12/03/21
DUE DATE – Fill out the building & card access information sheet Deans 12/03/21
Corrections and feedback (if any) back to Deans and Managers
Operations 12/10/22
COVID Signage Placement Logistics Team 12/20/21 to 01/07/22
First Day of Fall 2021 Term 01/10/22
Reopening Team

Develops reopening plans and processes, coordinates reopening communication and outreach, supports procedures, holds information sessions, coordinates reopening prioritization, planning and approval. 

  • Angela McMahon – Director of Office of Reopening
  • Corrinna Griffis – Project Coordinator
  • Vance Taylor – Technical Writer
Logistics Team

Schedules and leads department walkthroughs, coordinates tactical plans for providing functions necessary for resumption of in-person activities, including public safety, cleaning/sanitizing, space & facilities planning, signage placement, technology, personal protective equipment (PPE), etc.

  • Heidi VanBrocklin – Liaison to Reopening for Administrative Services and IT
  • Kelly Novak – Project Coordinator
Academic & Student Affairs Operations

Supports contract questions, academic policy, pedagogical concerns, prioritization of classes, instructional and student affairs needs and emerging issues.  Helps communicate processes and timelines within instructional and student affairs organizations. Reviews Health & Safety checklists.

  • Kurt Simonds – Dean Academic Affairs & Student Affairs Operations
  • Matthew Altman – Dean of Special Projects
Program Deans

Oversee completion of  Health & Safety checklist, Banner classroom and lab schedules, and  entering information in the building & card access information sheet for their programs; delegate as appropriate; escalate issues to Kurt Simonds or Angela McMahon

Faculty Department Chair (FDC)

Support completion of schedule tab and checklist for their program; escalate issues to Program Dean

Environmental Health & Safety Team

OSHA and HECC compliance review and planning, auditing, employee training

Budget Impact to Departments

Materials, equipment, environmental controls, hand sanitizing stations, personal protective equipment (PPE), and signage identified in the Departmental Walkthrough as required to meet COVID-19 health and safety guidelines are covered by a central COVID-19 budget. Once finalized in the Departmental Walkthrough this cannot be changed without approval from the Logistics Team.

Information Session

The Reopening Team will schedule an information session for newly returning programs and departments, to include Pathway Deans, Program Deans, FDCs, and Managers. This session will provide a general overview of the process and timeline. Information sessions are held from 10/25/21 to 11/16/21. Programs or departments already on campus can request an information session by contacting Corrinna Griffis.

Information session agenda: 

  • Introductions
  • Academic Health & Safety Planning process
    • Planning Timeline and Due Dates
    • Roles
    • Walkthrough (if needed)
    • Health & Safety Checklist
    • Questions
Departmental Walkthrough

The Logistics Team leads “walkthroughs” – in-person visits to the instructional rooms to assess operational and logistical needs, gather details, and make a plan. Assessment includes needs for furniture placement, signage, hand sanitizing stations, face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) needs, restrooms, common areas, problem solving for movement within the rooms. This team coordinates logistics with purchasing, IT, FMS, Parking, Public Safety, and other support services.

Departments are not responsible for any aspect of this coordination.

Who should attend the walkthrough: Someone who is familiar with the space and how it will be used in Winter.

Walkthroughs for programs or departments coming back to campus during Winter term will be scheduled for 11/08/21-12/03/21 by Kelly Novak. Program Deans and Managers should identify who can represent the program at their walkthrough, and contact Kelly with scheduling questions. Programs or departments already on campus can request a new walkthrough by contacting Kelly Novak.

Air quality, common areas, and pathways

PCC works with an engineering partner to meet the recommendations and requirements for safely reopening and operating buildings during the pandemic. PCC changed all HVAC air filters to the highest quality model and have completed all preventative maintenance on our HVAC and mechanical systems. PCC is flushing the air in the buildings each day by running the air system an additional 2 hours prior to building occupation, and 2 hours post-building occupation for Winter term.

Completing the Health & Safety Plan – Due 12/03/21

The health and safety plan is a checklist for each returning program or department on a Google sheet. Each pathway or department has a Google sheet containing a separate tab for each of their programs or departments. Links to the Google sheet for each pathway or department appear below. Programs and departments that have been operating in Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall 2021 may reuse information already created.

Before completing the checklist, enter your name at the top of the page where requested. The Health & Safety checklist tab includes four columns: Completed, N/A, Task, and Information/Department Notes.

The Completed and N/A columns provide check boxes to mark progress on a selected task. If you’ve completed the task, mark it as complete. If the task is not applicable or appropriate to your department or program, mark it as N/A. 

The Task is the action your department must perform to ensure you meet health and safety requirements. 

The Information/Department Notes column is where you can provide details requested on the task or to make additional notes if necessary. This is the primary column on this page to make modifications to your plan for review. Provide as much detail as necessary.

  • Some sections of the Information/Department Notes column may ask you to provide a link to an already written document. Add the hyperlink over the text in the field if this is necessary.

Health & Safety Checklists by Pathway*

*Available only to FDCs, academic leadership.

Campus Scheduling and Badge Access – Due 12/03/21

To ensure all classrooms, labs, support rooms, offices, and access to these rooms is received prior to the start of Winter 2022:

  • Finalize classroom and lab schedules in Banner.
  • Email campus schedulers to schedule support rooms not entered in Banner (approved labs, orientations, meetings, etc.).
  • Fill out the building & card access information sheet with employee schedule information and office requirements.
    • Full instructions for the completion of this sheet are included on the first tab.
    • Tabs in this sheet are organized by discipline. Designees should ensure the correct tab for their area is selected before entering information.
    • This sheet is managed by access control and uses information from every field to coordinate access and cleaning schedules.

All information must be entered by 12/03/21. If there are any changes after this date, you are responsible for contacting campus schedulers and access control to ensure these changes are accounted for.

Employee Training

Health and safety training for those involved in face-to-face instruction or other in-person activities is required for all employees. There may be updates for Winter 2022. If an employee completed the training for a previous term they will need to complete any new material published. New employees or employees returning to campus for the first time need to complete the training in its entirety.

Submitting your completed plan

Complete each Health & Safety checklist tab in the Google sheet referenced at the end of this document for your program or department by 12/03/21. Matthew Altman will review the document and provide any corrections or feedback by 12/10/21.

Questions? Need Resources?

Two optional Q&A sessions are scheduled for Tuesday, November 09, 2021 at 10:00 am and Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 10:00 am.

For any questions about this process or to request help, email covidquestions@pcc.edu 

Additional information and resources can be found:

COVID-19 SYMPTOMS, EXPOSURES, OR POSITIVE TEST RESULTS: Employees or students involved with in-person classes or co-ops who have symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 should contact the COVID Reporting Team by email at covidreporting@pcc.edu or by calling 971.722.1919. For additional details, please refer to the following: COVID-19 symptoms.

ON-CAMPUS EXPOSURES: If employees or students enrolled in your classes develop symptoms or otherwise determine they may have been exposed to COVID-19 while on campus, they should leave immediately. If they cannot leave campus immediately, contact Public Safety at 971.722.4902 for assistance gaining access to a safe and comfortable room where they can isolate until able to leave campus. Please also notify the COVID Reporting Team by email to covidreporting@pcc.edu or by calling 971.722.1919. 


Health & Safety Checklists by Pathway*

*Available only to FDCs, academic leadership.

Have a question?

For any questions about this process or to request help, email covidquestions@pcc.edu.

For questions relating to your department, contact your Dean.

If you suspect you may have COVID-19

If you have been to a PCC campus or center and believe you may have COVID-19, please notify the COVID-19 Reporting Team at 971-722-1919 or covidreporting@pcc.edu[opens in new window].