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Guiding principles for thoughtful return

Thoughtful return roadmap

In order to support planning for the complex transition that we will face in 2021-22, the following are a set of guiding principles to inform our planning and decision-making.

  • We will continue to prioritize the health, safety, and well-being of our community. We will follow the guidelines of federal, state, and local health authorities, as well as other appropriate safety and wellbeing considerations, in determining the extent to which operations and classes should remain in remote status.
  • We will center the diverse instructional needs of our students by offering a flexible hybrid model of in-person and virtual instruction.
  • We will center the diverse support needs of our students by offering a flexible hybrid model of self-service, in-person, and virtual services.
  • We will prioritize access and inclusion for our most marginalized and vulnerable community members, for whom the pandemic exacerbated many inequities.
  • Managers will seek employee feedback about how their work can be performed to best meet student and operational needs.
  • We will thoughtfully customize approaches to teaching, services, and operations based on each area’s unique responsibilities and requirements. Implementation will not look the same across the board because of the diversity of our functions and roles.
  • We will support flexibility for our employees in performing their job duties where possible. This may include varied work locations and hours, in accordance with our bargaining agreements.
  • Managers will continue to engage with their teams (virtually, until safe to do so in person) in order to foster well-being, connections, relationship-building, and collaboration.
  • We will capitalize on what we have learned this past year and continue to innovate and try new approaches with the goal of improving equitable student success. In the pursuit of continuous improvement, we will regularly examine and refine practices as we learn more and as the context around us changes. Our goal is the continued improvement of outcomes for students and a positive workplace for employees.

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