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Humanizing the virtual meeting experience

These tips are offered by the PCC Office of Equity and Inclusion.

  • Take a few minutes for the first several meetings to orient members to the meeting features.
  • Remote meetings are often scheduled back-to-back. Try to have meetings start on time, end on time, and share the agenda in advance.
  • During introductions, chat your name and your pronouns.
  • Be present as much as you can. Listen to whoever is speaking in the virtual room.
  • Honor one mic.
  • Mute your phones to avoid background interruptions.
  • Make space, take space, be aware of airtime.
  • Be kind. This is a difficult time for everyone, and we need supportive and productive dialogue.
  • Acknowledge that this situation may not be conducive to bringing our best selves, but try.
  • Please use the chat feature for questions to encourage more engagement.
  • Elevate and appreciate one another in the chat space.
  • Understand that homes may be busy places. Acknowledge that it is okay to have your family members or children present in the background conducting everyday family affairs.
  • Provide grace (and gratitude) in the process of living and working virtually, as this is new for most.
  • Facilitators should follow up with information to questions presented through the group chat.
  • Talk about when to record meetings. Just because it’s a feature doesn’t mean it should be a default. Consider the purpose of the meeting and whether anyone is missing and could benefit from the discussion. Share the recording with everyone.
  • Close the meeting with takeaways from everyone, to ensure the larger goal of the discussions was achieved.
  • Appreciate everyone.