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Working remotely

Updated October 20, 2021.

Helpful information for PCC employees working remotely.

Setting up your home workspace

Meetings and communication


New equipment: If you need a PCC laptop in order to telecommute, place a request with your campus IT Manager or the IT Service Desk. Be aware that there are supply chain delays. If you find yourself with an essential need, contact itbuy@pcc.edu.

Access your desktop computer: you can use your work computer at home by installing Splashtop.

  1. Submit an IT service request.
  2. Receive an invite email.
  3. Set up your Splashtop account.
  4. Install the Splashtop app.
  5. We connect your account to your work computer.

Because we are expecting a lot of requests, wait times for IT requests may be longer than usual.

Privacy and security

  • Don’t print FERPA data or sensitive info if possible.
  • Dispose of print documents securely (e.g., shredding).
  • Don’t use third-party services to conduct PCC business.
  • Don’t use third-party services to communicate FERPA data.
  • Don’t request VPN access unless you have a specific need.
  • If using your personal home computer, make sure it is properly protected. See recommended virus and malware security tools.

Have a question?

If you have any questions about the topics listed above or on any topic relating to COVID-19, please email covidquestions@pcc.edu.