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Mail and deliveries


District and Sylvania campus mail is picked up everyday from the post office. Additional campus mail (RC/CA/SE) is picked up from the post offices near the campuses on Wednesdays.

Mail is being delivered as detailed below.

  • Downtown Center twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Each of the campuses on the first and third Wednesday of the month, to a central location.
  • Mail for PCC centers is being delivered to the campus it is associated with.

If you have questions, please contact the campus-designated mail recipient:


All deliveries should be directed to the Central Distribution Services (CDS) warehouse to ensure packages are signed for by CDS personnel and logged into our system, indicating items have been received. This includes packages containing hazardous materials (e.g. chemicals for labs, etc.). The address is:

PCC – recipient’s last name, campus
6713 SW Bonita Rd. Bldg. C Suite 200
Portland, OR 97224

Packages will be held at the CDS warehouse. When campuses reopen, packages will be delivered to the designated departments. In the event of questions, or to make arrangements for large equipment deliveries, please contact Carlo De Marco at carlo.demarco@pcc.edu.