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Core Outcomes: Self-Reflection

Reflect on Self

  • Appraise own skills and abilities.
  • Set well-defined goals, monitor progress, and motivate self.
  • Examine personal beliefs and measure them against the beliefs of others.
  • Understand self as part of larger community.
  • Be accountable for actions and their impact on others.
  • Respect individual rights and the dignity of others.
  • Appreciate and reflect on new ideas in a spirit of open interaction.
  • Seek and acquire information and knowledge to achieve academic, career, and personal success as a lifelong learner.

Respond to Others

  • Respect the beliefs of others.
  • Be protective of the safety of others.
  • Transfer personal skills and imagination to varying settings, including individual and group.
  • Apply appropriate techniques for exploring and/or resolving conflicts and dealing with differences in a variety of settings.
  • Understand the role of humor and empathy in human interactions.
  • Respond to community issues and contribute to the community.
Core Outcomes
Sample Indicators
Level 1

Limited demonstration or application of knowledge and skills

Objectively and accurately identify personal interests, knowledge and skills needed for or gained from a course or learning experience.

Consciously affirm their own values while respecting other points of view.

Level 2

Basic demonstration and application of knowledge and skills.

Willingly examine personal beliefs and values within the context of a learning experience.

Be accountable for own actions and recognize their impact on others.

Level 3

Demonstrates comprehension and is able to apply essential knowledge and skill.

Articulate the value and meaning of the learning experience.

Demonstrate awareness of how personal behaviors align with socially responsible values.

Level 4

Demonstrates thorough, effective and/or sophisticated application of knowledge and skills.

Use self-appraisal to set well-defined goals, modify personal behavior and as motivation toward goal achievement.

Demonstrate ethical awareness and empathy in dealing with differences and resolving conflict.