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Core Outcomes: Professional Competence

Use Disciplinary Knowledge

  • Use available resources to find information.
  • Use the methods of inquiry or expression of a discipline or profession, such as observation, experimentation, experience, analysis, diagnosis or creative processes.
  • Identify and/or recreate concepts, terms, and facts.
  • Perform tasks, procedures, and processes with competence.
  • Use basic terms, concepts, and facts to gain additional or more complex knowledge as a lifelong learner.

Apply Concepts, Skills, and Processes

  • Produce a product, project, or presentation in an academic, professional, or technical setting.
  • Use knowledge and skills to increase their understanding of themselves and others, and to expand their abilities.
  • Transfer concepts and skills to other fields or new situations creatively.
  • Explain concepts and skills to others.
  • Apply appropriate technologies to analyze, solve, and present solutions to problems.
  • Identify and use appropriate technology (e.g. computers, etc.) to research, solve, and present solutions to problems.
  • Collaborate, take risks, demonstrate multi-disciplinary awareness, and use the imagination to achieve creative responses to problems.
  • Make a decision and take actions based on analysis of information.
  • Interpret and express quantitative ideas effectively in written, visual, aural, and oral form.
  • Interpret and use written, quantitative, and visual text effectively in presentation of solutions to problems.
  • Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose.