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To ensure the lessons are as safe and successful as possible, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Swim classes follow the standard Community Education Refund/Drop policy.
  • If your child is under 2 years old or potty trained for less than 6 months, ensure they are wearing approved swim diapers. Regular diapers are not allowed in the pool. “Little Swimmers” or similar disposable diapers are also not allowed. View an example of suitable diapers.
  • State law requires that all students must take a shower before entering the pool. Showers are located in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms, as well as the family change room on the pool deck.
  • No running on the pool deck or in the dressing rooms.
  • During youth swim lessons, parents/guardians are not allowed to leave the pool area.
  • Pull long hair back or have your child wear a swim cap. Hair in your child’s eyes and mouth makes it difficult to swim.
  • Take your child to the restroom prior to each class. If your preschool age child needs to go to the restroom during class, please be prepared to take them.
  • Remove all bandages and throw away chewing gum prior to class.
  • If your child is sick or has an open sore or wound, it may be best not to attend class.
  • Be on time to class. A child who is rushed often comes to class upset. It is also less disruptive to the instructor and the other students if everyone starts at the same time.

Keep in mind that each child progresses at their own pace. In swimming lessons, we de-emphasize passing or failing and emphasize improvement. Each child will receive a progress card at the end of the session to let you know what your child has accomplished during the session and what skills to practice. It is not uncommon for a child to repeat a level several times before moving on to the next level. It is important that your child is improving and having FUN!