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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the water temperature of the pool?

Water temperatures above 82F are conducive to swimming lessons. PCC’s Sylvania pool temperature is 85F.

2. I like my child’s instructor. May I request the same instructor next time?

Instructors are scheduled based on the classes offered and the demand. It is not always possible to have the same instructor. Children often benefit by experiencing a variety of teaching styles.

3. How long will it take my child to pass the levels?

Children vary when it comes to learning the skills in each level and gain confidence in their abilities, rather than how quickly they progress through the levels. We want this to be a fun experience and allow children to learn without being pressured.

4. What if I have a question for my child’s instructor?

You can talk with our child’s instructor after class. We have built in 10 minutes between classes in order for our instructors to speak with parents.

5. How do I know if my child is being taught at the appropriate level?

If you have any questions as to your child’s progress, please speak with your child’s instructor, who will be happy to discuss your child’s progress with you.

6. What if my child is new to lessons and cries?

The instructors are experienced and very understanding when dealing with a fearful child. It is best to allow the instructor to work through the fear and build trust between student and instructor. The child will often relax and have fun during the lesson, but keep in mind this could take a couple of days in extreme cases. We just ask you to continue to be positive and supportive of the instructor’s efforts.

7. What if my child becomes ill during the session?

If your child is not feeling well, please do not bring him/her to swimming lessons. They will not be able to perform skills and there is risk of exposing other children and the instructor to the illness. Please notify the instructor of your child’s illness prior to class.

8. What if my child gets ‘stuck’ in a certain level and does not seem to be making any progress?

Plateaus are not uncommon while a child is learning to swim. Many times the skills a child is struggling with are usually the skills that take endurance or coordination of multiple skills.

We make every attempt to provide a variety of drills to help the child attain these skills, but it just takes time and patience. To prevent your child from becoming frustrated, please remain positive. We also recommend that families come to the pool for open swim for playtime. You may consult the PCC Swim Instructor for open swim times. This reinforces the positive aspects of swimming that helps the child relax, which will make learning the skills easier during lessons. Also keep in mind that the children need additional practice outside of lessons. Open swims would give the child that opportunity.