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Choosing a language class

Trying to decide which level to take and choosing between two options? We recommend you register for the class you think will be more challenging rather than less. Research shows that we learn languages best when we are challenged.

Once registered, attend the first class session and assess your comfort level. If you would like to change levels, you have six calendar days to do so (for most language classes). Log into your account on MyPCC, drop the class, and register for another class. If you drop and immediately add another class of the same price, your previous payment will be automatically applied to the new class. You will receive a refund for the difference if the new class costs less.

For classes that are 8-10 weeks long, you have six calendar days after the start of class to drop and receive a full refund. Read our complete refund/drop policy for more information.

If you have specific questions for an instructor regarding course content, you can find their PCC email address in the PCC staff directory or by clicking on their name in the online course listing. If you don’t get a response within a few days, contact Community Ed online or call 971-722-6266 and let us know you’re trying to get in touch with an instructor. We’ll call the instructor and let them know to check their PCC email.

Pre-registration is required

Pre-registration is required for all Community Ed classes. Do not show up to class unless you are registered. Unregistered students pose a liability risk for the college and the instructor. Additionally, we occasionally cancel a class due to low enrollment and notify the enrolled students of the cancellation before the class. If you plan to attend without enrolling, you might show up to an empty classroom. Plus, it could be your registration that prevents the low-enrollment cancellation!

Additional questions?

Contact Community Ed online or at 971-722-6266 if you need further assistance.