Community Education Guidelines and Policies


How to Register

Have the five-digit CRN (course reference number) of the classes you would like to register for ready.

  • ONLINE: visit the non-credit registration page. If this is your first time registering click on “Create Your Account.“ If you are a returning student click on “Register in MyPCC.”
  • MAIL or FAX: complete the form on page 50 and fax it to 971-722-4988 or mail it to:
    • Portland Community College
      PO Box 19210
      Portland OR 97280-0210
  • PHONE: call 971-722-6266 and choose option 2 from the menu.
  • IN PERSON: walk into any PCC Registration Office. Offices are located at Cascade Campus, Sylvania Campus, Rock Creek Campus and Southeast Campus. Find hours at PCC Registration.

Registration Confirmation

Confirmation of class registration is assumed once you register. You will not be sent written confirmation. Access to your class schedule and bill is available online using MyPCC. PCC does not bill daily, so you may or may not receive a bill before class begins. If you register online, be sure to monitor your MyPCC email account for your PCC e-bill notification.

Registration Dates

You can register online through MyPCC or in person as late as the first day of class, but by waiting you run the risk of the class either being filled or being cancelled and not knowing about the cancellation. You can find term-specific registration start dates online on the Academic Calendar.


PCC has an automatic waitlist system for most classes. If the class is full and you put your name on the waitlist, you will receive a waitlist number. If a space opens up in the class, you will be automatically registered for the class. You will receive electronic confirmation that you have been placed in the class ONLY via your MyPCC account. If you are moved into the class, you are officially registered and responsible for paying for the class.

Missing a class

Missing a class once in a while is okay. We know students who take our classes have busy schedules and vibrant lives. It is not necessary to contact your instructor if you plan to be absent. You will not be automatically dropped from the course if you miss the first class. You will need to file an add/drop form to avoid paying for the class. (See Refund/Drop Policy, below.)

Age Requirements

Unless otherwise noted, Community Education classes are geared toward an adult audience; however, in some classes younger students are permitted. Please note the following guidelines for Community Education students younger than age 18.

Students 16 and 17 years old:

Students 16 and 17 years old are permitted to enroll in Community Education classes geared toward adults except for classes with older age minimums. A release form is required for physical activity classes and for classes involving power tools. Release forms will need to be completed and submitted by the first day of the class.

Students 13-15 years old:

Steps for students 13-15 years old to register for Community Education classes geared toward adults:

  1. Please call the Community Education Office at 971-722-6266 and choose option “0” to be connected to the appropriate Program Coordinator of the class to discuss your request.
  2. Submit the following information to the Program Coordinator at least one week prior to the first class meeting:
    1. A letter from the student stating the reason for requesting exception
    2. A letter of recommendation from an educator or tutor which addresses preparedness for an adult learning environment
    3. A release form, with parent’s or legal guardian’s signature
    4. Completed non-credit registration form
  3. The Program Coordinator will respond in writing to inform you if you have been registered for the class or not. Note: Some classes require the parent/guardian of students younger than age 16 to be present. This requirement will be specified by the Program Coordinator. The parent/guardian will also need to register and pay for such classes.
Students under 13:

Students younger than age 13 will not be permitted in classes that are designed for adults.

Youth classes:

Community Education may develop and offer classes for younger age ranges. Age ranges will be noted in the class description.


Non-credit classes are priced individually. For tuition and fees, check each course's listing in the online class schedule.


Payment is due when your registration is processed.

  • ONLINE: log on to MyPCC at Select the PCC-Pay link on your homepage or on the Paying for College tab.
  • MAIL: submit payment with a completed registration form and mail it to:
    • Portland Community College
      PO Box 19210
      Portland OR 97280-0210
  • PHONE: call 971-722-6266 and choose option 3 from the menu.
  • IN PERSON: walk into any PCC Student Account Services. Offices are located at Cascade Campus, Sylvania Campus, Rock Creek Campus and Southeast Campus.

You are responsible to ensure that your account is paid in full even if you do not receive a bill.

Refund/Drop Policy

If you want to drop a class, you must do so online at MyPCC or file an add/drop form with the Registration Office. Drop deadlines vary for Community Education classes. 100% of charges associated with a class will be removed if you formally drop by the deadlines listed below. NO CHARGES WILL BE REMOVED IF YOU DROP AFTER THE REFUND PERIOD.

Class Length Refund Period
Less than 2 weeks Prior to the first day class meets.
2-7 weeks

By the end of the first day class is held.
(For night and weekend classes, through the next business day.)

8-10 weeks Six calendar days after the start of class.
Motorcycle Eight days before the first class.
Driver Education Before the second class.
Online Six calendar days after the start of class.

Non-attendance does not relieve you of your obligation to pay. Please note that if you register for a class and do not attend or stop attending and fail to personally drop within the refund period, you will be responsible for all tuition and fees. Accounts are subject to late fees if bills are not paid on time.

For complete registration policies and information please refer to the PCC Registration website.

Tuition Discounts

If you are 62 years of age or over when classes begin, you are eligible to receive a 50% tuition discount on Community Education classes. The tuition discount does not apply to lab and class fees and CEU tuition. Be sure to indicate your eligibility when you register. Visit the Senior Option page for more information. Seniors can also receive a 50% discount on monthly and term parking passes.

Additional Information

Choosing a Language Class

If you are unsure of the appropriate level, first register for the class you think best fits your skills level and attend the first class to assess your comfort level. If you need to change levels you can do so by following the add/drop procedure. Feel free to contact us if you need more assistance.


All vehicles parked on PCC campuses or centers between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. Monday through Friday must display a current PCC parking permit on their car rear view mirror or a daily pass on their car dashboard. Disabled spaces also require PCC parking permits. The only exceptions are the timed visitor and designated motorcycle parking areas. Permits are not required for off-campus facilities or PCC Willow Creek Center.

To obtain a permit at any time other than when you register, you must show proof of enrollment. Permits are available at the PCC Student Account Services. Daily parking passes are available from vending machines at each campus/center. Call 971-722-4703 or go to the PCC Parking webpage for more information.

Student Email

Every student at PCC has a MyPCC account that includes an “” email address. To log on, go to Contact the PCC help desk at 971-722-4400 to find out your user name and password.

Get a Schedule

Students who have taken a class within the last year will automatically receive in the mail a PCC Communities magazine that contains the Community Education schedule. If you did not receive one or would like to order a copy for a friend, go to the print schedule webpage or call us at 971-722-6266. It’s free!

Have a Question?

We want to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Give our office a call at 971-722-6266, Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.