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Mike Phillips

Contact info: mike.phillips2@pcc.edu

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Mike Phillips

Mike Phillips is the Continuing Education Marketing Manager at Portland Community College.

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Image showing foggy Portland skyline A list of all Fall classes in one convenient location! 2
Updated 9/3 – Despite the college’s move to remote/online learning, we still have hundreds of options to choose from this […] Posted August 26, 2020
PCC Summer Teen July/August Classes – Plus New Additions By Popular Demand!
PCC Community Ed adjusted to COVID-19 by moving summer classes online for Summer and now Fall terms. The different approach […] Posted July 16, 2020
workout from home remote instruction and training Workout from Home – with Remote Instruction and Training
Who’d have thought three months on, we’d still be at home while a silent pandemic rages on around us? PCC […] Posted June 18, 2020
Work-life balance relaxation with Asian working business woman healthy lifestyle take it easy resting in comfort hotel or home living room having free time with peace of mind and self health balance Health and Wellness this Summer
Health and Wellness is always important, but during the time of a pandemic it is essential. This summer, PCC Community […] Posted June 17, 2020
SUMMER TEEN – Registration Opens June 3rd – Full Class List Here
Community Ed Summer Teen classes open for registration Wednesday June 3rd and we’re adapting in-person classes to a remote format for summer term. […] Posted June 2, 2020
PCC Remote Learning Spring Into the Virtual World April 15 2
COVID-19 and its impact to Oregon has prompted a series of fast-paced responses that continue to alter our day-to-day lives. […] Posted April 2, 2020
ACT SAT GRE Test Prep at PCC Quarterly Test Prep Courses with PCC Community Ed
“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” Life can have a series of unexpected turns, and being prepared makes all […] Posted February 12, 2020
Style and Beauty at PCC A Primer on Style and Beauty Courses at PCC Community Ed 1
Style and Beauty courses at PCC change from quarter to quarter to reflect trends or calendar dates and to encompass […] Posted January 16, 2020
Joseph britton headshot Joseph Britton – 3 courses using Mindfulness for Wholesome Living
What class are you teaching? 3 courses using Mindfulness for Wholesome Living 1. “Disruptors in Science, Politics, Climate, Self-Identity and […] Posted December 4, 2019
Rachel Rosenbaum developing film Student Brings Grandfather’s WWII Experience to Light in Community Ed Darkroom
Rachel Rosenbaum says developing film can be either extraordinarily therapeutic, or one of the most frustrating activities in the world. […] Posted November 8, 2019