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Our values

We believe that learning should be joyful and that people learn best when they’re engaged in a student‐centered learning environment that is respectful, supportive, professional, and relaxed. We value the following qualities in an instructor:

Respectful, flexible, supportive

Relates to students as adults, shows awareness of and respect for their cultural and learning style differences, and appreciates their individuality. Adapts lesson plan to accommodate student needs that arise during the class. Takes advantage of “teachable moments” to explain or clarify. Creates an environment where students are relaxed, willing to make mistakes, and express their opinions.

Expert, well­-paced, tuned­-in

Demonstrates deep understanding of concepts and skills being taught and provides accurate information to the students. Allows time for explanations and practice, and keeps things moving so everyone stays engaged. Checks in with students to see if they have questions and ensures they are getting what they need from the class. Responds effectively to student questions and mistakes. Knows what to address or correct, as well as what to ignore. Gives encouragement and promotes self and/or peer reflection.

Empowering and engaging

Provides opportunities for students to explore and practice what they’ve learned. Articulates and speaks loudly enough for all to hear. Makes eye contact with students. Visual presentations are accurate, well‐organized, legible, and clear. Utilizes strategies for handling very shy and excessively talkative students, so that all may benefit from the class.

Student-­centered, varied, multi-­level

Appropriately balances between presentation, demonstration, and student explorations. Gives equitable attention to all students. Uses a variety of instructional techniques appropriate to the lesson and student needs (group work, games, etc). Recognizes different levels and abilities in the classroom and engages these different levels effectively.

Professional, prepared, punctual

Responds to interruptions and technical or institutional problems in a calm, positive manner. Demonstrates professional appearance, manner, and attitude. Class is well‐planned and organized. Materials and equipment are set up in advance of class. Starts and ends class on time and allows for periodic breaks. Abides by all PCC policies and procedures in a professional manner.

Administratively reliable

We put a lot of time and resources into scheduling and promoting classes. Our students put a lot of time, money, and excitement into preparing for class. We need instructors who we can depend upon to remember our programming deadlines, show up for class on time without reminders, and respond promptly when we contact them for information. There are a lot of details that go into programming classes, and we run 1,000‐1,400 classes each term. That’s a lot of details! We need our instructors to communicate their scheduling needs as quickly, clearly, and thoroughly as possible so that we can get it done right.