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Public Speaking Coaching

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Feel the thrill of speaking to an audience! Be fearless! Be inspired! Be confident! Energize yourself, your speech, and others. With sessions that are tailored to your specific goals, coaching is an excellent way to build and enhance your skills, increase confidence, and manage nervousness. You’ll learn and practice key techniques and receive motivating, supportive feedback. If you want to succeed, you must intrigue! With one-on-one training your gifts will shine!

Program Details
  • Review the instructor bio and schedules to select and register for a package.
  • Sessions last 45 minutes. Expect additional materials costs. Use sessions within the term; no refunds for unused sessions. Individual sessions must be cancelled with your instructor 24 hours in advance; otherwise the session is counted against your package total. You must be registered before participating in a session.

Refund/Drop Policy

If you want to drop, you must do so online via MyPCC or by contacting a Registration office within six calendar days after the start of the term. No drops or refunds on partially used  packages.

Spring 2021 Public Speaking Coaching Coaching Instructor Profiles and Availability

Joseph Britton
Availability: Tue-Fri, 10am-1pm, 5pm-6pm

At Princeton University, Joseph was an Instructor in Mindfulness and a Trainer in Leadership. In Japan, at Osaka Prefecture University, he was a Professor of Public Speaking. In Tokyo, he directed Japan’s first international executive speech training company. Today, in Portland, Joseph is a speech coach using Mindfulness.

Sue Wendel
Availability: Tue/Thu, 10am-12pm, or as arranged

Sue received a Masters in Communication from Portland State University, and achieved the level of Distinguished Toastmaster – the highest level in Toastmasters International. She coaches speakers and has been teaching public speaking in PCC Community Education for four years. Her philosophy is that anyone can become a better, more confident public speaker; it just takes motivation, learning, and practice!