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Health Coaching

Online Health Coaching with PCC

Feel your best with your own personal health coach! Whether you would like to eat better, exercise more, reduce stress, increase your energy, or to tackle other life challenges, your personal coach is dedicated to helping you succeed. Our certified health and wellness coaches are here to give you structure, provide accountability and empower you to achieve your goals.

How it works:
  1. Review the Wellness Area Descriptions below to find the one that best suits your goals.
  2. Register for which coach and which coaching session package you prefer.
  3. Once registered, your coach will contact you to schedule a meeting time that works with your schedule. Your coach will provide advice and support that is targeted to your goals and your lifestyle.
Wellness Area Descriptions

Nutritional Wellness (weight management / vitality / meal planning)

Whether you would like support with following a specific diet (low-glycemic, vegan, gluten free, reduced sodium, etc.) or are just looking to learn more about healthy eating, your Nutritional Wellness coach will help you to understand what nutrients your body needs and how to get them. Learn how to meal plan on a budget or how to manage your weight without sacrificing enjoyment of food. Eating right can create a ripple effect on your health, leading to increased vitality, healthier skin, improved digestion, more restful sleep and a better immune system.

Emotional Wellness (stress management / social connections / resilience)

We can’t remove all of the obstacles in our lives but we can fortify our resilience so that we are ready to take on whatever comes. Your Emotional Wellness coach will help you develop healthy habits for reducing stress, building positive relationships and re-energizing healthy behaviors. There are many techniques for improving mental and social well being, but they all require intention and commitment. You are stronger than you know and our coaches want to prove it to you!

Lifestyle Wellness (sleep / physical activity / healthy behaviors)

We all know the value of staying active and getting enough sleep, yet most of us struggle with both. Research shows that accountability is a major factor in motivating healthy habit changes. That’s why your Lifestyle Wellness coach will be your cheerleader as they help you to develop a targeted wellness plan. Find the routine that works for you and get the support you need to make systematic changes that will reap lifelong benefits.

Program Details:
  • First one-hour session: initial consultation and appraisal
  • The first two sessions will be one hour in length (meeting via phone or video, your choice!) and up to 45 minutes in the following weeks.
  • Sessions must be used in the term purchased; no refunds for unused sessions.
  • Individual sessions needing to be rescheduled must be cancelled with your coach 24 hours in advance. Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are counted against your package total.
  • If PCC cancels your session, two attempts will be made to schedule a make up session to take place before the end of the term.  If PCC is not able to make up your session, you will not be granted a refund.
  • Additional sessions may not be added to any package.  In the event that more coaching sessions are desired, it is necessary to register for a new package (CRN).
    • You may not register for the same CRN twice.
    • Packages are available on a first come first served basis.
    • Students must be registered in a package before participating in any coaching sessions.
Registration/Scheduling Process:
  1. Review the Health Coach profiles and availability and select a coach.
  2. Select a coaching package and register for your selected coach’s corresponding CRN.
  3. Your coach will contact you via PCC email or cell phone by the first week of the term to schedule your coaching sessions.  Students will receive a Health Coaching packet by the coach via email.
  4. Complete the assessment packet and email back to your coach prior to or at your first coaching session.
Refund/Drop Policy:

If you want to drop, you must do so online via MyPCC or by contacting a Registration office within six calendar days after the start of the term. No drops or refunds on partially used coaching packages.

Spring 2021 Health Coach Profiles and Availability

Susan Milln
Availability: Tue, 11am-2pm; Thu, 10am-2pm; Tue/Thu, 10am-5pm

Susan is a Level 2 Precision Nutrition Coach and an ACSM certified personal trainer. She also holds certifications in Gut/Brain Axis for Mental Well Being, First Aid for Mental Health, Barre, TRX and Schwinn Cycling.

Susan believes in creating sustainable healthy habits that will last a lifetime. She has a strong background in online nutrition coaching and enjoys helping others learn how to build menus and meal prep for optimum health while sticking to a budget.

If you are looking to improve your sleep, reduce your stress, and to increase your physical activity she can teach you how to set yourself up for success by implementing systems that will move you toward your health goals.

Julie Browning
Availability: Tue/Thu, 9:30am-5pm

Julie is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, specializing in helping individuals who feel stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure how to move forward with their health and wellness. She has also received additional training in Lifestyle Medicine Coaching and Group Health Coaching.

Julie’s approach to health coaching is to help you discover what health and wellness means to you, why it is important to you, and how you can get there in a way that leads to lasting change. She will help to uncover what is holding you back and to strategize on how to overcome barriers and challenges. She will help you discover your values and priorities, your motivators, your strengths, and help you plan and set goals. She’s here to encourage you and to hold you accountable to yourself.

Andrea Lane
Availability: Tue-Fri, 9am-5pm

Andrea is a board-certified acupuncturist, herbalist, and diet coach. She is passionate about helping people make meaningful, lasting change in their lives through diet, regular exercise, and healthy habits.

Andrea has years of experience working with a variety of diets for different bodies (and different goals!) and can help you troubleshoot common pitfalls. She can help you to create manageable and concrete steps that will evolve into a lifetime of healthy practices, setting you on an empowered path to taking charge of your own health and wellness.

Group Online Health Coaching with PCC

Come be part of a supportive and motivated group, and take your life in a positive new direction!  If you’re ready to build healthy habits and to feel great in your own skin, then this is for you.  Here is how the group environment can add value to your coaching experience:

  1. An opportunity to learn from peers on a similar path to wellness
  2. A community that fosters creativity and courage
  3. An environment that makes success inevitable
  4. A chance to support others and celebrate milestones