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Service-to-Community Scholarship

General Requirements and Information

  • You must volunteer a minimum of 35 hours per term for three terms. Generally this happens during Fall, Winter and Spring terms. Your 35 hours must be completed at a single volunteer site (you may switch volunteer sites at the end of a term, but not within a term, unless there are concerns with your volunteer site).
  • You must be currently enrolled each term.
  • You must maintain a minimum cumulative and term GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • The allocations of your scholarship will be disbursed towards your tuition charges approximately three weeks before each term; however you have the whole term to complete your required hours.

Volunteer Parameters

  • You may volunteer at a nonprofit community social service agency or an educational agency. This includes most of the organizations listed on GivePulse, and can also include public libraries, elementary schools, food banks, and county animal shelters.
  • You may NOT complete your volunteer hours for this scholarship within another PCC program or office (for example, we cannot accept volunteer time at the Student Success Center or with a language conversation program).
  • Your volunteer time may NOT be spent in advocacy, religious, or political activities. If you are unsure in this area, please verify your chosen community partner with the Office of Community Based Learning.
  • You must volunteer in a capacity that directly impacts your chosen organization’s service recipients or its mission. In other words, fundraising and advocacy will not count as volunteer time.

Requirements to keep your scholarship funding

Forms and Resources

GivePulse | Report your community engagement hours by creating “impacts” and sharing it with the Service to Community Scholars group.

View GivePulse Guide for PCC

Rights and Responsibilities | Complete the form online before you begin your service hours.

STC Agreement and Liability Release Form

  1. Download the STC Agreement and Liability Release Form and complete it with your volunteer site supervisor
  2. Submit the form using the online submission page on GivePulse

End of Term Report | Complete the report online before the end of each term (Deadlines: Fall – December 5th; Winter – March 5th; Spring – June 5th)

Contact Information for Question About:

Volunteer Site

Community-Based Learning (CBL)
Hannah Cherry
CBL Program Coordinator

Sylvania Campus, SS 201M
12000 SW 49th Ave
Portland, OR 97219


f: 971-722-4960
Karly Schubothe
Foundation Specialist

Sylvania Campus, CC 234
12000 SW 49th Ave
Portland, OR 97219

About the Scholarship

The PCC Foundation offers Service-to-Community Scholarships to students who commit to volunteering in their communities. This program allows students who often have to work to put themselves through school the opportunity to volunteer approximately 35 hours per term in exchange for a scholarship.


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