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PCC CLEAR Clinic Grievance Policy

The PCC CLEAR Clinic (“the Clinic”) receives many requests for its services and must sometimes reject applicants for assistance due to the Clinic’s limited resources, as well as due to our limited practice areas. If you have a complaint about our services or our inability to assist you, please put your complaint in writing on our grievance form, which will automatically be sent to us via email when you click submit. The Clinic Co-Directors will investigate the matter and contact you within four (4) weeks from the date of receipt of your complaint. If your attorney was a volunteer attorney for the Clinic, please be sure to provide the name of the attorney that assisted you with your legal issue.


This grievance procedure is established to assure that Clinic participants and prospective Clinic participants have an opportunity to express dissatisfaction with the legal services provided by the Clinic or to complain that the Clinic was unable to assist them, and to have those complaints reviewed by the Clinic Co-Directors.

Grievance Procedure

Posting and Distribution of Policy
  1. A copy of this policy and the grievance form shall be provided to any person who requests one.
  2. A copy of this policy and the grievance form shall be posted on the CLEAR Clinic website at www.pcc.edu/clear-clinic.
Complaint Process
  1. Any person denied legal assistance, who has complaints about the legal assistance they were provided, or who has other concerns about the PCC CLEAR Clinic shall be provided an opportunity to submit a written complaint on our grievance form pursuant to this policy. If the complaining party requires assistance putting their complaint in writing, someone from the Clinic will assist them.
  2. After submitting a complaint, the complaining party will be given an opportunity to discuss their concerns in person, via video conference, or by phone with one or both of the PCC CLEAR Clinic Co-Directors. The meeting or discussion should take place as soon as possible, but the CLEAR Clinic will reach out to set up this meeting no more than four (4) weeks from receipt of the complaint, unless the complaining party needs additional time.
  3. The CLEAR Clinic Co-Directors will do the following:
    1. Allow the complaining party to present all information relevant to their complaint;
    2. Allow the staff persons involved to present all information relevant to the issues;
    3. Conduct the discussion in an informal but respectful and orderly manner;
    4. Provide the complaining party and the staff person or persons involved with written findings with respect to the complaint. These findings will be issued within five (5) business days after the discussion or meeting; and
    5. Provide referral information to the Oregon State Bar for further complaints after completion of the PCC CLEAR Clinic Client Grievance Procedure.
Records of Complaints
  • Every time a complaint is considered pursuant to this policy, copies of all written documents relating to the complaint and copies of summaries of conversations or meetings shall be maintained on file at the PCC CLEAR Clinic.