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CCOG for WR 93 Fall 2023

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Course Number:
WR 93
Course Title:
Basic Grammar
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Course Description

Overview of some fundamental principles of American English grammar including parts of speech, sentence types, sentence analysis, simple/compound/complex sentences, subject-verb agreement, pronoun usage, selected homonyms, punctuation, capitalization, and avoidance of fragments, run-ons, and other errors. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

  • Differentiate between fragments and sentences
  • Re-write fragments as complete sentences
  • Write and communicate better
  • Use conventions of punctuation and capitalization correctly
  • Write simple, compound, and complex sentences correctly


Outcome Assessment Strategies

Assessment may include:

  • Large and small group activities
  • Tests and quizzes
  • Group and individual projects
  • Writing which demonstrates mastery of grammatical skills

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

  • Defining parts of speech
  • Recognizing parts of speech in context
  • Recognizing and utilizing major sentence types
  • Recognizing and utilizing correct grammatical terms
  • Analyzing sentences
  • Combining sentences:
    • Compound
    • Complex (including embedded clauses)
  • Review of punctuation and capitalization


  • Communicating clearly in speech and in writing
  • Analyzing sentences
  • Recognizing fragments
  • Writing complete sentences
  • Punctuating correctly
  • Capitalizing correctly