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CCOG for PL 220 Fall 2022

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Course Number:
PL 220
Course Title:
Worker's Compensation
Credit Hours:
Lecture Hours:
Lecture/Lab Hours:
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Course Description

Covers principles and procedures of the Oregon's worker's compensation system. Introduces the rules and concepts that control the right to compensation within the system as well as the procedural rules. Prerequisites/concurrent: PL 101. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

An elective satisfying the requirements of either a Paralegal Certificate or an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Apply workers compensation rules and concepts to facts on behalf of individual clients.
  2. Implement procedural mechanisms for resolving workers compensation cases.
  3. Draft appropriate documents for use in a law office handling workers compensation cases.

Course Activities and Design

Course is presented by lecture, discussion, guest speakers, and application of rules to situations. 
An observation of workers' Compensation hearing is encouraged, but not required.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Grades are based upon midterm and final exams which are  issue spotting and objective (which may include true/false, multiple choice
and short answer/essay questions.)

also based upon projects including drafting of relevant work

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Students will demonstrate:
Familiarity with and understanding of workers' compensation statutes and
rules by issue-spotting and problem solving exercises.
Ability to use statutes and rules to manage workers' compensation
claim/case by successfully answering objective exam questions.