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CCOG for MSD 179B Fall 2022

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MSD 179B
Course Title:
Avoid Burnout: Build Resilience
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Course Description

Explores symptoms of the five distinct and sequential stages of burnout; the three major areas of negative stress; the relationship between stress and burnout; the five distinct and interrelated characteristics of personal resilience; and the application of coping skills, antidotes and resilience to avoid burnout. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

  • Develop an understanding of burnout and design a specific and detailed personal plan to avoid it.
  • Understand the role that personal resilience plays in avoiding burnout.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Each student is required to submit a written personal plan for avoiding burnout.  The plan should include: 

  • Identification of the stress experienced in each of the three major areas of negative stress.
  • A personalized list of coping skills and antidotes to be used to avoid burnout.
  • Apply learned skills through an outside project.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)


  • Develop a personalized list of effective coping and antidotes to be used during  negative stress.
  • Identify and strengthen personal resilience characteristics.
  • Develop specific tactics for stopping the progression of burnout.


General Concepts 

Understand the direct relationship between unattended negative stress and burnout.

Understand the different types and degrees of burnout.

Understand the relationship between resilience and burnout. 


Negative stress is not avoidable but is controllable.
Burnout is completely avoidable when understood.
Highly resilient people do not burnout. 


Burnout occurs when an individual has given up personal accountability for controlling internal negative stress.
External stress is not the cause of burnout.  How one deals with external and internal stress determines whether or not burnout occurs.