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CCOG for MSD 175B Fall 2023

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MSD 175B
Course Title:
Direct Communication in the Workplace
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Course Description

This 10-hour workshop focuses on various communication situations (both verbal and written) in the workplace. Topics include putting oneself in the receiver's shoes, understanding what the listener's hear, adapting messages to enhance the receiver's understanding, and focusing on the results the sender wants to achieve. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Compare several ways to maximize understanding of a message.
• Describe the rationale for establishing rapport and demonstrate how to develop the relationship.
• Explain the importance of adapting the message for the receiver.
• Describe how to phrase questions that enable the receiver to respond without
becoming defensive.
• Explain the process for successfully resolving a difference.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Demonstrate how to communicate a negative message that maintains the self-esteem of the receiver.
• Describe the role that goal setting has in the communication process.
• List verbal and non-verbal communication barriers and describe steps for overcoming them.
• Create an assessment tool that identifies if a difference of opinion or understanding exists and demonstrate how to manage this difference.
• Apply learned skills through an outside project.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Present an example of how a negative message should be communicated.
• Describe how to identify communication barriers due to cultural differences and demonstrate techniques for overcoming these barriers.
• Explain how anticipating a receiver’s reaction influences the message and provide an example of how to prepare the message.
General Concepts
Communication messages should be considered carefully before being stated. First impressions are made within 10 seconds - being prepared is essential.
The “off-the-record” remark should be handled carefully. Prioritizing information minimizes the listener’s time while maximizing understanding.
Communicators need to recognize and identify the visual reaction of the listener and take appropriate steps to minimize misunderstanding.