Course Content and Outcomes Guides (CCOG)

Course Content and Outcomes Guide for TA 190B Effective Fall 2019

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TA 190B
Course Title:
Projects in Theatre 1B
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Course Description

Provides a variety of opportunities to co-design an independent project associated with the current mainstage theatre production. Includes a self-accountable role within the creative or production team which may be off stage or backstage. Requires a contract with the theatre arts instructor covering the course expectations. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of this course students should be able to :

  • Assist the stage management and production team to prepare the on-stage and backstage area for rehearsal and performance.
  • Prepare for and demonstrate proficiency, and self-accountability, in an agreed upon backstage role.
  • Meet learning outcomes specific to this project as mutually agreed upon by the student and instructor in advance through a written learning contract, and as appropriate to the credit awarded for this course.

Course Activities and Design

Student will be assigned a role in the creation of a theatre production and be guided through the undertaking of the responsibilities involved with the instructor and other production leaders.  

As details of these roles may vary from production to production, the student will be asked to co-create a contract with the instructor that will be used to assess the work at the end of the production and term.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

The student's grade will be based on the supervising instructor's evaluation on the student's fulfillment of the mutually agreed upon
 contract.  The quality as well as quantity of that work will be the basis of the assigned grade.  Each student will be required to make
 interval progress reports either written or oral to the supervising instructor.  Evaluation in the form of a test, a report, a project or
 a viable alternative will be required of all participants.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

The format for Projects in Theatre will necessarily be flexible and will reflect the arrangements made between the student and the
   instructor.   In general, the course should provide the student with hands-one experience in stage work.  Students will learn self-motivation
   and commitment to a task.
   Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have satisfactorily accomplished the goals and objectives listed in this
   course content guide.  Course content guides are developed by college wide faculty and approved by management.
                             1.0  CONTRACTS
   Instructional Goal
   The goal if to establish a mutually agreeable project with goals and
   1.1    Understand the necessity of a plan of action.
   1.2    Be familiar with the timelines and commitments necessarily in
                             2.0   MEETINGS
   Instructional Goal
   The goal is to meet requirements and verbally or in writing meet
   those interval deadlines.
   2.1    Understand organization of a project.
   2.2    Communicate successes and problems.
   2.3    Facilitate and work together to solve problems.
                              3.0  EVALUATION
   Instructional Goal
   The goal is the use the evaluation process on e one-on-one basis to
   continue to improve the quality of the project.
   3.1    Understand the necessity of and positive result of criticism.
   3.2    Help develop new goals and responsibilities.
   3.3    Understand the evaluation and reevaluation process.