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CCOG for PE 184E Spring 2023

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Course Number:
PE 184E
Course Title:
Intermediate Skiing - Alpine
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Course Description

Covers the continued improvement of safe, enjoyable skiing, utilizing the skill of wedge christies at an intermediate level. Includes skidded parallel turns of varying radii with control on beginning to intermediate terrain. Addresses variables of weather, snow conditions, and terrain. Prerequisites: PE 184D or equivalent or instructor permission. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course the students should be able to:

  1. Continue to improve physical conditioning and the skills needed to maintain lifelong health and fitness through alpine skiing.
  2. Apply link turns and control on beginning/intermediate terrain.
  3. Respond to varying weather conditions and emergency situations in an alpine environment.

Course Activities and Design

An orientation session will be held at the college to collect fees, distribute tickets and answer questions. At the ski area, students will be placed in small classes with other students of similar ability. Classes will be conducted each of the five weeks on snow at the ski area. Lab/practice time will be available to supplement class time with the instructor, and independent practice is of the utmost importance. In addition to skiing skills and movement patterns, safety and skier etiquette will also be emphasized.
Students must provide appropriate clothing for winter weather in
the mountain ski areas.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Students grades will be assigned on a pass/no pass basis only and will be based on:
1. Attendance - attendance at five classes is required for a "pass."
2. Active participation and effort in class.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

The course is designed to teach appropriate balancing, rotary, edging, and pressure control movements to allow students to ski on
intermediate and beginning advanced terrain at any ski area with confidence and control. A blended application of the four fundamental skills, pole use, active steering with both legs, varied turn shapes and rhythm will be taught and practiced. A goal will be to teach each student to make parallel turns using a pole touch for rhythm and timing during the 5-week class. Safety will be stressed and every effort will be made to develop an excitement about the lifetime sport of skiing in each student.

1.0 Skiing Skills

Instructional Goal:
Refine the student's understanding and blended application of the balancing, rotary, edging and pressure control movements outlined
in the PSIA American Teaching System for Alpine Skiing, applied appropriately to the following movements.

1.1 Movement of the center of mass in the direction of the intended turn.
1.2 Use of progressively narrowing wedge opening at the turn initiation.
1.3 Pole use for improved balancing movements, timing and  rhythm
1.4 Active involvement of the inside leg in a turn to complement the actions of the outside leg.
1.5 Rising and flexing movements as related to turn initiation and completion.
1.6 Varying turn shapes on varying terrain.
1.7 Parallel entry/parallel finish to the turns (open parallel)

2.0 Safety Aspects

Instructional Goal:
Familiarize students with important safety aspects of the sport.

2.1 Introduce students to the Oregon Skier's Responsibility Code.
2.2 Review of ski equipment and the proper operation of the binding system.
2.3 Teach students the safe use of all lift systems, including chairlifts and surface tows, if applicable.
2.4 Deal with varying weather conditions and proper preparation for outdoor winter activity.
2.5 Introduce students to a variety of terrain as their skills allow.
2.6 Utilize varying snow conditions as appropriate to expand skill application.
2.7 Teach the relationship of turn shape to speed control and use higher speed in a safe manner.

3.0 Awareness/Appreciation of Skiing

Instructional Goal:
Develop in the students an appreciation of skiing as a lifetime sport.

3.1 Create a positive learning environment that allows learning to occur and individual student confidence to be developed.
3.2 Help students to understand the importance of physical fitness to maximum enjoyment of athletic activity.
3.3 Develop an excitement about and appreciation of skiing that will motivate the students to participate in skiing as a lifetime activity.