Course Content and Outcomes Guides (CCOG)

Course Content and Outcomes Guide for MUC 274 Effective Winter 2020

Course Number:
MUC 274
Course Title:
Microcontrollers for Artists
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Course Description

Introduces a variety of sensor and motion-tracking technologies and their application in the arts. Includes the design of new physical user interfaces for musicians, dancers, public spaces, galleries and commercial installations. Prerequisites: WR 115, RD 115 and MTH 20 or equivalent placement test scores. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Utilize introductory knowledge of Arduinos or similar microcontrollers to program gestural and data-driven control for multimedia experience design.
  • Apply knowledge of a wide variety of sensor and motion tracking technologies for interactive multimedia and art applications.
  • Design physical user interfaces for use by musicians, dancers, public spaces, galleries and commercial installations.
  • Write and execute basic microcontroller applications that read, write and transform data from sensors and control lights, sound and motors.
  • Design, build, and program custom light installations.
  • Demonstrate basic competence in soldering.

Course Activities and Design

Material for the course will be presented in a lecture format along side hands-on lecture/lab work.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  • In and out-of-class projects reviewed and evaluated by the instructor
  •  Instructor observations of student demonstrations of hands-on proficiency

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

  • An introduction to basic textual programming
  • The Arduino environment and hardware
  • Sensing light with photocells
  • Sensing and analyzing sound
  • Motion capture, Infra-red and Ultrasonic rangefinders
  • Soldering
  • Light control
  • Motor control
  • Physical interface design