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CCOG for MCH 175 Spring 2023

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MCH 175
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Band Saws
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Course Description

Covers setup, applications, parts and operation of the vertical, and horizontal band saws and the selection/preparation of band saw blades. Introduces the skill of welding band saw blades and the common cutting operations performed on the vertical/horizontal to manufacture parts to print specifications. Prerequisites: MCH 100. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

Band Saw Welding - Vertical band saw blades have a continuous cutting action. Therefore it is necessary to connect the tow ends together by means of welding. Since most vertical band saw blades used in metal cutting are usually thin, they must be welded with a blade welder attached to the vertical band saw. In this packet, you will accomplish the skill of welding band saw blades.

Vertical Band Saw - The machinist frequently uses the vertical power band saw for cutting short and irregularly shaped pieces of metal. The band saw can cut metal along internal or external contours of a scribed line. In this packet, you will learn how to select, mount, cut, and weld band saw blades, as well as how to saw pieces to meet specifications.

Horizontal Band Saw - The machinist frequently uses the horizontal power band saw for cutting off short and pieces of metal.   In this packet, you will learn how to select, mount, cut, and weld band saw blades, as well as how to saw pieces to meet specifications.  

MCH 100  

Intended Outcomes for the course

This course is based on performance outcomes. The following performance outcomes are based upon established industry standards. The student will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the following activities:  

  • Safely weld and grind a band saw blade to specification.
  • Safely and accurately cut with the horizontal band saw raw stock in the material room to dimension specified by the instructor.
  • Safely cut to tolerance flat stock material to shapes specified by the instructor.    

The student will be able to safely weld band saw blades, and safely cut material to specified lengths and shapes with the vertical and horizontal band saws.

Course Activities and Design

MCH 175 will be presented by means of audio-visual presentations, demonstrations, lab experiences, and research activities. The course activities and design emphasize the development of skills and knowledge outcomes prescribed by established industry standards. The identified outcomes will be achieved by means of individual and team activities.  

Outcome Assessment Strategies

POLICY - Student performance measurements are based on established industry standards. The various areas of study during the course will be evaluated by a variety of activities. Typical of those activities are the following:

1. READING ASSIGNMENTS - Information sheets, textbooks, journal articles and the learning resource center are potential sources of information that the student will reference as directed in the modules identified in the introduction. 

2. PRACTICE - Completion of tasks and projects identified in the reading assignments, information sheets, journal articles and textbooks. Students are required to complete practice activities with 100% competency.

3. SELF-ASSESSMENT - Checking and evaluating the students understanding and knowledge gained through the reading assignments and practices typically done through a practice evaluation.

4. LAB ACTIVITIES - Participation in structured laboratory exercises with the emphasis on developing skills or increasing expertise in the areas of study identified in the module packets.

5. FINAL ASSESSMENT - An assessment in the form of a written exam and/or practical application that addresses the subject areas identified in the module packets. Students are required to complete final assessment activities with 85% competency.