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CCOG for BCT 100 Fall 2022

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BCT 100
Course Title:
Overview to the Construction Industry
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Course Description

Introduces construction industry practices in a domestic and national context. Explores the roles and responsibilities of those involved in construction projects from inception to completion. Introduces the various phases of construction including planning, design, documentation, bidding, permitting, pre-construction, supervision, and close-out. Presents the role of planning, scheduling, project organization, and communication in successful project management. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon successful completion students should be able to: 

  • Communicate effectively and collaborate on a construction project
  • Recognizing the roles and responsibilities of design professionals, contractors, owners and regulatory agents
  • Distinguishing between the major stages of the construction process
  • Identifying all major building systems and their location on the construction schedule
  • Differentiating between management functions, and explain the primary role each plays in the management of the project

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Student competency in course materials will be assessed utilizing:

1. Review and Discussion: Students will individually review documentation from original sources related to the construction industry, and prepare a written reflection paper and talking points so they can participate in a peer discussion breakout.

2. Quizzes: Students will complete short weekly quizzes to demonstrate mastery of basic concepts presented in the class

3. Examination: Students will complete a midterm and final examination to demonstrate mastery of the course material.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Themes, issues and Concepts

  1. History of construction industry, building methods and types, role of construction workers
  2. Global business in the construction industry / Differences / Similarities / Issues
  3. Role of the Owner, Contractor, Architect, Subcontractor, Regulatory Agencies, Suppliers and Manufacturers, Insurance and Surety, Trade Organizations
  4. Project Delivery Systems / Project management and administration
  5. Overview of the construction process from owner identifying a need thru design professional collaboration, document preparation, governmental review and permitting, contractor engagement, pre-construction and project implementation and completion.
  6. Jobsite Challenges: Workplace Safety / Wellbeing / Racism / Sexism / Drug Abuse / Depression / Working Hours and the historical context of these issues 
  7. Influences in management decisions: financial; economics and socioeconomic forces; environmental laws; labor, legal and political; governmental and regulatory agencies; and competitive and distributive forces.
  8. Management principles of a decentralized work force; human resource management and organizational behavior; employer requirements and workers' rights; management principles of a decentralized work force.
  9. "Best Interest of the Project" managerial philosophy, importance of long term team building, mentorship, partnership, collective support