Staying Connected

Connect with PCC Career Pathways Online

PCC Career Pathways has an active and informative Twitter feed, and a Facebook page. All are welcome to learn more about PCC Career Pathways through our social media sites.

Life after Career Pathways

Congratulations on successfully completing your Career Pathways program! We appreciate your continued involvement as a member of our alumni community. Do we have your current contact information?

Advance Your Career

Our goal is to continue to work with you in your career development. We invite you to contact us for educational and career guidance.

Staying Involved

You have a unique opportunity to share your experience, knowledge, and resources with potential students. Here are a few options for staying involved after Career Pathways:

Alumni Feedback
Please take a moment to send us an email. We are interested in your feedback regarding how your Career Pathways experience prepared you for the next step in your career.
Student Advisor
Are you willing to speak with a potential Career Pathways student? Please email us at We frequently have potential students who would value speaking with our Alumni about their training and resulting job.
Post a Job
Is there a position open at your company that you’d like to pass along to a current Career Pathways student? Use our job listing form to streamline the process. It is quick, easy and can help you to quickly find well-prepared employees.

Make a Donation

You can make a difference! Almost half of PCC's students need financial help to attend college. Many students are working full-time, supporting families and trying to make ends meet. That's where your contribution to Career Pathways through the PCC Foundation comes in! Of the funds the foundation receives, 100 percent of each donation goes to support the program for which it was intended.