Pathways: Microelectronics Technology

This two-term training program is designed for students pursuing entry level work in the semiconductor industry. Semiconductor manufacturing technicians work in clean room environments to process wafers, maintain equipment, and monitor manufacturing processes.

Most courses are arranged to accommodate “compressed work week? schedules. The target wage for entry-level positions in Oregon is $10-$12 per hour. Skills gained in this course can lead to various jobs in the semiconductor industry and serve as solid preparation for the PCC Microelectronics Associate of Applied Science Degree.

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  • This training is on the State of Oregon Eligible Training Providers list.
  • Students earn college credit that may be applicable to the PCC Microelectronics Associate of Applied Science degree programs.
  • Attend a free workshop to prepare to take the placement exam. Please see the schedule here.

Cost of Training

Term One:  
Tuition , Fees   $1,800.00
Books           $700.00

Total Estimated Cost:    $2,500

Note: The figures above are approximations and subject to change without notice.


  • Students must possess a High School Diploma or GED.
  • Complete a college placement exam (results of the exam should place students into Writing 115, Math 65 or 70) at a PCC Testing Center.

Course of Study

**courses will vary depending on placement results and previous completed coursework.

Course Number Course Name Credits
MT 110 Intro to Microelectronics and Nano Technology 3
CH 100 Everyday Chemistry 4
WR 115 Intro to Expository Writing** 3
MTH 65 Introductory Algebra or higher** 4
Total Credits (Term 1) 14
MT 101 Introduction to Semiconductor Manufacturing 1
MT 90 Basic Electronics 3
MT 121 Digital Systems 3
MTH 95 Intermediate Algebra or higher** 4
Total Credits (Term 2) 11

What should I do next to get into the training?

  1. Apply for Admission to the College.
  2. Take the college placement exam workshop.
  3. Schedule a time to take the COMPASS placement exam. You can call one of the PCC testing centers to schedule the exam.
  4. Complete the PCC online student orientation.
  5. Contact Eric Kirchner at 971-722-7621.