Resources for Current Students

Your role as a Career Pathways student is to become a competitive and productive employee in your chosen career. The resources listed on this page are designed to assist you in accessing information related to your education, internship development and job search success.

Career Planning Course Information

The non-credit "Career Planning - WFTT23" course is designed for students to participate as a cohort in developing their skills as a student, intern and job seeker. By the end of the course, you will have a job search portfolio, resume and interview experience. For more information, download a copy of the course syllabus and weekly schedule.

Internship Resources

Career Pathways strongly encourages you to participate in an internship so that you can gain hands on experience in a work setting related to your program. In an effort to assist you in locating an internship site we partner with the following programs.

Most of the Vocational ESL Pathways incorporate an internship as part of the requirement for completion.  These internships allow students to receive hands on and classroom based learning in their area of study.  This also allows students to network with employers and people who work in the field. The Employment Specialist and/or Education Coordinator for your program will either find an internship that fist your needs, or advise you on how to find one yourself.

Program Awards and Completion Ceremony

You will receive a program award from Career Pathways after successfully completing your program. Students celebrate their accomplishments and receive their program awards at a completion ceremony. We encourage you to invite family and friends to this potluck celebration.

Students who complete a for-credit pathway will also receive a Career Pathways Certificate of Completion. These certificates are issued by PCC. Students who receive these are eligible to attend PCC's yearly commencement ceremony.

Job Search and Labor Market Information