ABS Customer Service Professional

This Pathway is designed for students looking to develop their customer service skills for work in a wide variety of settings. Students can choose to attend for 6 months and earn 16 credits and the Customer Service Professional Award or for an additional 3 months and earn 24 credits and the Customer Service Management Award..

Customer Service Professional:

Students will learn to respond to diverse customer needs in an increasingly global environment by applying problem solving skills with a variety of customer service strategies to identify, assess, predict, and achieve customer expectations. With the successful completion of the first term students will competitive for positions as a customer service professional. (16 credits)

Beyond the initial Pathway: Customer Service Management

After completing the Customer Service Professional courses, students may take additional courses, learning to build enterprise value by developing, leading and motivating diverse customer service teams to perform effectively in a rapidly changing marketplace. With the successful completion of this additional term, students will be more competitive for positions in customer service management (12 credits in addition to 16 credits in Customer Service Professional Award). Career Pathways students will also attend a weekly, 3-hour Career Planning [pdf] course in addition to the Management & Supervisory Department courses. In the Career Planning course students learn to hone their job search and internship development skills and receive job placement services until they find employment.

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  • Students participate in intensive job search training in a weekly 3-hour Career Planning course.
  • Through the Career Planning course a cohort learning community is developed and supports students as they pursue employment in their chosen field.
  • Students earn college credit that may be applicable to a one-year certificate in Management and Supervisory Development or the Associate of Applied Science degree in Management and Supervisory Development

Estimated Cost Of Training:
Term 1: $1044/1687 Customer Service Professional
Term 2: $ 962/1605

Total: $2006/3292

Cost Sheet [pdf]

Note: The figures above are based on the 2012/13 PCC fee structure. They are approximations and subject to change without notice.


  • Students must possess a High School diploma or GED.
  • Complete a COMPASS placement test including Math placement -results of exam should place students into Math 60
  • OR
  • English Language Learners - complete COMPASS ESL & Math placement exams (results of the exam should place students into Level 6 ESOL or higher, & Math 60) OR prior enrollment and completion of PCC ESOL 5 or higher and Math 20

Course of Study

TERM ONE Customer Service Professional (term 1) Credits
Course Number Course Name
ESOL 59/n Support Course 0/8
MSD 105 Interpersonal Communication 3
MSD 107 Organizations and People 3
MSD 151 Dealing With Difficult People 1
MSD 174 Time Management 1
WFTT23 Career Planning [pdf]: This course is designed to build a learning community among students pursuing career pathways courses. Students will develop their skills as a student, intern and job seeker. A job search portfolio will be used as an organizational framework for the course. non-credit
Total Credits (Term 1) 8/16
TERM TWO Customer Service Professional (term 2) Credits
Course Number Course Name Credits
ESOL 59/n Support Course 0/8
MSD 117 Customer Relations 3
MSD 113 Influence Without Authority 1
CIS 120 CIS 120 Computer Concepts l 4
BA 131 Computers in Business (4)
Total Credits (Term 2) 8/16
Total Credits (Both Terms) 16/32

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For more information: call 971-722-6218 or email here.