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Need help planning your career? Finding a job? Choosing a major? Let us help! Explore career and job services for students.

Many PCC programs offer students the opportunity to earn short-term certificates, ranging in length from one term to one year. These certificates can act as a credential for entry-level employment in a particular industry or as a benchmark on the way to an advanced degree.

Career Pathways Certificates
These certificates are short-term credentials (12-44 credits) which prepare students for entry-level employment within an occupational area. Career Pathways certificates may be the first certificate a student earns while pursuing a longer certificate or an AAS degree.
One-year Certificates
These certificates can be obtained in one year or less and can prepare students for a variety of occupational endeavors, including licensure and test preparation. In addition, these certificates can be an additional step on the way to pursuing a longer certificate or degree.
Management Training
The Management and Supervisory Development Department can provide practical, real-world, hands-on training in any topic you choose.
Professional Development
Community Education seminars and classes in team building, communications styles, motivating others, working with a multicultural workforce, assertiveness training and more.
Professional Licensing
CEUs for electrical license renewal, accountants, tax preparers and consultants.
CLIMB Center for Advancement
Programs such as small business development, contract training, and entry-level health care training.