Tortoise by William Garnett

William Dyas Garnett is known for his paintings, including murals, as well as drawing. As he wrote, “I have a great respect for drawing, which to me is where the search, stumble and love of the artist, shines the ‘loudest'”. Garnett’s compositions begin with an exploration of forms to discover the abstract shapes that lie within them. He also admits to paraphrasing from other artists “in order to dissect art’s history with my hand, not my head.” Garnett, who died in 2004, was a longtime and much-loved instructor at PCC.

  • Title:  Tortoise
  • Artist:  William Garnett
  • Medium:  Painting – Ink, gouache on paper
  • Size:  14″h x 18″w
  • Donor:  Purchased by Portland Community College, Rock Creek Campus
  • Added to collection:  2014
  • Location:  B2/1 N Stairwell gallery