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Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM)

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), and PCC is recognizing this call to awareness and action through various events and outreach. Here you can find activities, webinars, and anything else related to DVAM that is happening both at PCC or within our community!

Traveling Postcards

Learn more and register for Traveling Postcards.

Join PCC in the Traveling Postcards activity (Women’s Wisdom Initiative) in which students, staff, and faculty can create art to promote love and healing to survivors of domestic/dating violence and sexual assault. Participants’ homemade postcards will be anonymously sent directly to survivors or those shaping policy that directly impacts survivor rights. In this remote world, this activity can give you the opportunity to turn the screen off and tap into your creative energy through a fun and meaningful craft activity.

For this project, you will be sent a standard cardstock for the postcard to be made on, as well as a prepaid return envelope for your finished product. It will be helpful to have a pair of scissors, a glue stick, marker(s), and some kind of decorative material available. However, there will be pre-packaged supply kits available in case you do not have access to the needed items (glue, scissors, paper). These pre-packaged kits are while supplies last. Here are some examples of decorative materials that may already be at your disposal:

  • Magazines/catalogs, colored paper, old books/newspapers, yarn or thread, food/product labels, product containers such as fruit nets (think nectarines or avocados), cereal boxes, paper bags, grass, leaves, flowers, craft feathers, stickers, old maps, water paints/acrylic paints

For registration and to let us know if you will be needing a supply kit.

Postcard Activity Instructions

Your postcard is 100% yours to be creative with. Below are some topics to consider when creating your card – feel free to utilize these to spark ideas for your card design, or simply create and use no topic or theme at all. No matter what, your card will be absolutely perfect.

The activity can take as long or as little as you like, but you can expect to spend about 30 minutes – 1 hour. Consider the colors, images, patterns, textures, and symbols you like as you get ready to make your card. If you are able, create a relaxing and comfortable space to make your card. This craft is an opportunity to heal and connect with yourself as much as it is to offer healing and connection to another person. You can put on music, sit on a comfy couch, light a candle, and/or safely gather with a friend or two to create together – whatever feels best to you. For more info, check out very detailed instructions.

Once you have finished your card, find the pre-paid return envelope we included in your mailed out kit. Simply place the card in the envelope and find your nearest place to send out mail. If you consented to it in your registration form for the activity, we will take pictures of your finished product and share them on our Instagram accounts as well as on the Outreach and Advocacy Project website. We will then send them off to the folx at Traveling Postcard to be sent out to survivors and those impacting policy around survivor rights.

Cards should be submitted throughout the month of October and November. November 30 will be the conclusion of the activity.

Any questions or need more information? Do not hesitate to connect with us! We are here to chat: advocacy@pcc.edu or 503-619-7041 (text ok).


Healthier Relationships and Substance Use with Kiera Hansen of the Rock Creek WRC

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2021, please join us for Healthier Relationships and Substance Use: What Works for You? 
Workshop with Kiera Hansen of the PCC Rock Creek Women’s Resource Center. 

Thursday, October 21, 2021, 2pm – 4pm

Please register here and we will share the zoom link within 24 hours of the event.
All PCC student attendees are eligible to enter a drawing for a $25 grocery card.

Active and past substance use (illegal and legal drugs, alcohol, etc) impact our interpersonal relationships just as past and current relationships impact the role of substances in our lives. During this workshop, we will use participant-centered and harm-reduction based models to facilitate information sharing, dialogue and self-reflection to gain a better understanding of the interactions of substance use and relationships in our own lives and leave with a better understanding of what feels good for ourselves. 

Kiera Hansen, MSW (they/them) identifies as non-binary, queer and chronically-ill. They have spent the last nearly 2 decades working with survivors of trauma in a myriad of social service, public health and community-based settings. Because of their lived experiences and impactful relationships, they bring a specific interest to working at the intersections of trauma, substance use, sex work/sex trade, sexual health, incarceration and intimate partner violence. Kiera is currently the Women’s Resource Center Coordinator for PCC’s Rock Creek Campus. They also teach part time in the College Success and Career Guidance department.

Kiera’s educational and facilitation goals are to co-create a container where positive and negative judgements are assumed and attendees are asked to notice and be accountable for them as they occur, lived experiences are centered, the messiness and stigmatized stories of surviving can be shared and listened to with an open-mind and heart, vulnerability and humility are valued and community and self-care are encouraged. Kiera believes that centering the needs, stories and lived experiences of those in our communities who experience the most harm by past and present systems of oppression will lead to a better future for everyone.

This workshop is free and open to anyone who would like to attend. Hosted by the SE WRC & RC QRC. Questions? Email sewrc@pcc.edu.

If you need any accommodations for any events please contact Disability Services by phone: 971-722-3441, video phone: 503-928-5875, or email: disability.services@pcc.edu.

Dating in the Time of COVID: Workshop with Nico Judd of the Southeast QRC

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2021, please join us for Dating in the time of COVID: Workshop with Nico Judd of the SE QRC

Thursday, October 28, 2021, 12pm-1:30pm

Please register here and we will share the zoom link within 24 hours of the event.
All PCC student attendees are eligible to enter a drawing for a $25 grocery card.

Remote relationships? Masked make outs? Socially distanced sex? 
Let’s face it: Dating under COVID is weird. Come join us for a workshop to talk through strategies for negotiating consent, safety, pleasure, and FUN in these strange conditions.

This workshop is open to PCC students across the gender and sexuality spectrum. Please submit your questions in advance (to be addressed anonymously) via this form. 

Hosted by the SE WRC & SE QRC. Questions? Email sewrc@pcc.edu.

Nico Judd, MA, PSS (they/them) is a radical queer/pangender activist who works toward expanding society’s conception of sex, gender, and the human body. They have worked in the public health and social services fields for over 15 years to provide accessible and inclusive Sexual Wellness education to ALL people, but especially those who are systematically excluded from these conversations. They now serve as the Queer Resource Center Coordinator for PCC’s SE campus.

Nico enjoys talking about socially taboo topics related to mental health, addiction, sex work, queerness, bodily autonomy, HIV/STIs, and social inequity under capitalism; and holds an open invitation for non-judgmental discussion. Their goal is to facilitate radically honest conversations that can empower people to define their own comfort level regarding risk and pleasure, deepen their understanding of available services, and organize alongside others to demand increased access to the healthcare they and their communities deserve.

If you need any accommodations for any events please contact Disability Services by phone: 971-722-3441, video phone: 503-928-5875, or email: disability.services@pcc.edu.


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