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Faculty Release


Please note: The process for requesting Faculty Release has changed. See steps below.

In order to ensure faculty releases have been approved by both the Pathway Dean and Associate Vice President of Academic & Career Pathways for your program area, you will need to follow the signature process outlined below. In addition, faculty releases must be properly entered into Banner.

Required forms

  • The Faculty Release Request and Approval contains details regarding the particulars of the release as well as a rationale for the release, and will serve as the source document for entering release information into Banner.
  • The Faculty Department Chair Agreement is needed to ensure the amount of release requested and entered into Banner matches that of the FDC agreement. This form also includes information about additional compensation and outlines the responsibilities of Faculty Department Chairs.
  • Note that faculty committee chair release is similar to an FDC release, but no agreement is required.

To request faculty release

1. Complete the Faculty Release Request form

  • Use template: Faculty Release Request
  • Fill out all required fields of the form.
    • This form should be completed by the IAA, Program Dean and/or Director. The Program Dean or Director should be consulted to ensure that the fields are filled out appropriately and the release is in alignment with college practices.
    • Be sure to provide a clear rationale for the release and a clear explanation of how the release work falls outside of the faculty's college service requirements and how it's commensurate with the backfilled teaching load.
  • Save a copy of the completed form on your computer by renaming it and then selecting Download—PDF (.pdf)---Export.
  • Route via the AODocs PASS system with the following list of approvers and reviewers according to your Pathway* (include the FDC Agreement in the PASS sign off, if applicable – see below):
    • First approver: Faculty member for whom the release is being requested
    • Second approver: Manager of the Org funding the release
    • Third approver: Program Dean or Director
    • Fourth approver: Pathway Dean or Executive Dean*
    • Fifth approver: Associate Vice President for Academic & Career Pathways (only applicable to ACP)
    • Send the final approved document to the Pathway Dean Administrative Assistant, AVP Executive Assistant, and anyone else you want included that isn't in the above list.
    • Move on to Step 2, if applicable. If not an FDC release, move to Step 3.

*For Counseling, Disability Services, and Library faculty, the faculty's direct supervisor will sign off in the third approver line, then each of the next level indirect supervisors will sign off in the fourth and fifth approver lines.

Move on to Step 2, if applicable. If not an FDC release, move to Step 3.

2. If applicable, complete the Faculty Department Chair Agreement

  • Fill in all required information on the Faculty Department Chair Agreement.
  • Be sure specific release information matches that shown on the other form.
  • Follow the routing above in Step 1, but include hris-group@pcc.edu as the final receiver. Send for signature via the AODocs PASS system with the Faculty Release Request form.

Move on to Step 3.

3. Release confirmation and finalization

  • Once confirmation of approval is received:
    1. The Program Instructional Administrative Assistant (IAA) inputs the faculty release information into Banner (SIAASGN).
    2. The Pathway Dean Administrative Assistant enters the information onto the faculty release tracking spreadsheet.
    3. The Executive Assistant to the AVP will verify that all faculty release information has been input into Banner. (PWRNIFT).
  • Important note: Releases that are not entered into Banner after receiving confirmation are not considered final/approved.