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Weekend College LogoThe demands of modern life can make it difficult to find the time for many things that people may want to do, from recreational activities to going back to school. One PCC initiative, though, makes it a little easier to fit classes into a busy life.

PCC is offering Weekend College, an assortment of classes scheduled from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. Weekend College offers a slate of courses from a range of academic departments, including art, biology, business administration, computer applications, chemistry, criminal justice, economics, education, history, math and multimedia.

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A great opportunity: "The Weekend College is a great opportunity for people who desire to improve their job skills, earn a degree and further their education, but who may have family obligations, jobs and other factors that prevent them from going to college during the week," said Algie Gatewood, Cascade Campus president.

Gatewood said the classes are identical to those offered in the regular college schedule, including laboratory time, materials and quality of instruction. The only difference will be longer class periods made necessary by the weekend schedule. Just like regularly scheduled classes, Weekend College classes can be used to earn credit toward an eventual degree or certificate.

"In a nutshell, it’s a package of courses aimed at working people, parents and others who have a difficult time attending college during regular hours," said Gatewood.

Beth Fitzgerald, head of Cascade’s Multimedia Department, said that people looking to get started in a multimedia career can use Weekend College to begin that journey. Cascade’s introductory Multimedia course, Fitzgerald added, offers a thorough look at the demands and possibilities of the discipline, and leaves students in a good position to decide on their next educational step.

"It enables students to make a good decision about where their education is going," she said, "as well as good consumer decisions in terms of the kinds of hardware and software they want to purchase."

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Cascade Campus
A small campus atmosphere in a diverse urban neighborhood in the heart of Portland.
Rock Creek Campus
This spacious, 256-acre campus is located in the high-tech corridor near Hillsboro.
Sylvania Campus
PCC's largest campus, on a beautiful wooded hillside, between Tigard and Lake Oswego
Southeast Campus
Located on 82nd Avenue and Division in a diverse and growing area of Southeast Portland.

Weekend classes are also available at the many centers and community education locations around Portland. Use our advanced schedule search to find a weekend class near you!