Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions, Registration and Starting Classes

Who can take PCC classes?
Virtually anyone. Whatever your educational background, we have something for you. Our courses cover a wide range of academic levels, from basic literacy to high-school level, and all the way through college sophomore classes. In fact, about 18% of our students already have bachelor's or master's degrees. Whatever your circumstances, we have programs and services to meet your needs.
What if I've been out of school a long time?
You'll be in good company at PCC. More than 57% of our students are over 30. Generally, the younger students are more prevalent in our university transfer and professional-technical programs, while the average student is older in our noncredit programs.
We provide all kinds of support to make adapting to college easier. We have learning labs to help you brush up on the basics. We have workshops to get your test-taking, note-taking and other academic skills up to speed. We have free tutoring in specific subjects. In addition, our instructors will be happy to work with you after class to answer questions.
When does the term begin and end? Are there any holidays or days the college is closed this term?
See Important Dates.
When is the last day to register?
See Important Dates. After the first class meeting, you'll have to get the instructor's permission to add the class. Of course, the earlier you enroll, the better. Then you get "first pick" of classes and the times you want.
How can I get a list of my classes?
You can view and print your personal schedule in the My Courses tab of MyPCC.
Are you on the quarter or semester system?
PCC, like all other Oregon public colleges and universities, operates under the quarter (or term) system: fall, winter, spring and summer.
Can I enroll by phone or over the Internet?
We offer registration and a variety of other services through MyPCC . If you have questions and need to talk to someone please call 971-722-8888 during normal business hours.
What's the fax number for registering?
It's 971-722-4988. (Registration only, please!)
How do I get a list of the books I need?
Just go to our Bookstore web pages.

Financial Matters

How much does it cost to go to PCC?
Tuition at Portland Community College is one of the lowest for higher education in the area. For current expenses, see Tuition and Fees. Also, many of our students find that our nearby locations let them live at home while going to school – saving thousands of dollars in room and board expenses. In addition, PCC provides access to many sources of financial aid, as well as easy payment plans.
Can I pay by check or credit card?
Yes. See Payment Methods.
Why did I receive an invoice when I've already paid?
Most likely your payment and the invoice just "crossed in the mail." To verify, check the "Bill Date" in the upper right corner. If your payment was received after this date, this is what happened.
If your payment should have been received earlier, or if you just want to check for sure, you can access your student account record under the Paying for College tab of MyPCC.

Class Schedules

Why didn't I get a schedule in the mail?
Mailing of the credit class schedule was ceased after Summer term 2003.
Where can I pick up a schedule?
The PCC class schedule is available online.
The PCC Catalog
What makes it different from the class schedule and how to get one. See The PCC Catalog.

Classes and Degree Programs

What degree programs are available? How long does it take to get a degree?
PCC offers nearly 60 career fields, plus our university transfer programs. Just take a look at the list. These lead to an associate's degree and will take full-time students two years to complete.
What if I'm more interested in getting skills than a degree?
Not every program at PCC leads to a degree. We have many certificate programs that can give you the skills you need for immediate employment in one year or less.
In addition, PCC offers both credit and non-credit classes and seminars for people looking to upgrade job skills. These classes can be any length: some are only a few hours; others are a lot longer. Start exploring from our Majors, Programs and Classes page.
Do you have classes just for fun?
Yes, you can take a class at PCC just for fun or to satisfy your need to learn. This can be a regular credit class or one of our many Community Education classes.
I have a full-time job. What programs are available for me?
Many of our students are working adults. Day, evening or weekend classes make it easy to fit classes around work schedules. Many degree programs can be completed by taking classes in the evening.
Will my credits transfer?
The Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) Degree grants you junior standing when admitted to any Oregon public university. See a list of degrees you can earn at PCC. PCC has also developed innovative dual admission programs with Oregon State University, Portland State University, and the Oregon Institute of Technology. If you have questions about transferring credits from other institutions to PCC, talk with an academic advisor.

Grades and Transcripts

How can I order a transcript? I ordered a transcript, but it hasn't arrived.
See How to Request Transcripts.
How do I check my grades?
You can view your grades using MyPCC.


How do I get to campus? What buses go to my campus?
Visit each campus' webpage to find links to maps, driving directions, and Trimet information.
What's the difference between a "campus" and a "center?"
Our campuses are large, full-service facilities offering complete, two-year degrees and a full range of student services. Our centers are smaller facilities with more limited, and often specialized, offerings.