Data Trustee/Steward List

Information Security Roles and Functional Areas

Information Security Roles and Functional Areas
Data Trustee Data Steward Functional Area

Records Coordinator

District Protected Information such as public records and historical documents.

Campus Presidents

Campus Technology Manager

Campus specific INTERNAL Information

Academic & Student Affairs Vice President

Associate Deans

Academic strategic operations student related discovery

Deans of Instruction

Division Deans

Instructional programs, department operations

 Libraries Director

Library Technology Manager
Digital Services Coordinator
Circulation Manager

Library curriculum/operations/ PROTECTED Information

Dean  of  Student Development
Student Support Services & Adult basic Skills Dean

Student Services Associate Dean

Campus Course evaluations, academic probation and suspension cases and petitions, cases of instructor complaints.
Counseling records Non-student /employee records, College/Student Success

Grants Director

Grant Process, Relationships with funding agencies, grant priorities

Workforce Economic & Community Development Div Dean

Workforce Development Directors 

 Non-student/employee workforce development records, Center for Business & Industry records

Dean Enrollment Services

Financial Aid Director
Curriculum Support Director

Admissions, Registration, Student Records, Grading, Financial Aid, Schedule Entry, Catalog/Curriculum

Affirmative Action Director

Affirmative Action , Workforce Analysis

Institutional Advancement Director

Foundation Director
Public Affairs Manager

Institutional Research, Legislative action,  focal point for public, government and media relations, Foundation Donor Information, program support,  scholarships

Administrative Services Vice President 

District Administrative operations, legal issues

Auxiliary Services Director

Bookstore Manager
Parking Services Director
Food Services Manager

Bookstore, print center, parking services, food services, vending operations

Human Resources Director

Campus HR Representatives
HR Information Services Manager
Employee Relations Manager
Employment Services Manager

Human Resources, Payroll, Labor Relations, Benefits/Compensation, Employment,

Associate Vice President Technology Solutions Services

Technology Services Manager
Solutions Services Manager
Enterprise Server Services Manager
Information Security Manager
Network Services Manager
Telephone Services Manager
Web Services  Manager
Banner Services Manager*
Support Services Manager
Media Services Manager

Media Services, Application Support, Support Services, Web Services, Network Services, Enterprise Server Services, Information Security 

Director Facilities Management Services

Campus Facilities Management Services Managers

Facilities Management Services (environmental controls), Key Control, Capital Projects /architecture, Equipment Surplus,

Director Public Safety

Communications Coordinator
Campus Sergeants

Oregon Law Enforcement Data System (LEDS), the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Portland Police Data System (PPDS). First responder operations, physical security, Emergency Preparedness,  InterAgency Relationships, Crime Statistics,

Associate Vice President Financial Services

All Financial Service Directors and managers

Finance, Accounts Receivable, Budget, Central Distribution, Purchasing , Safety & Risk, Records Retention

* Not specifically identified as a duty position: this role would be assigned to one of the applications development team members

Data Trustee

The Data Trustee is a senior college official (or their designees) who have planning and high-level responsibility for data within their functional areas assets. Data Trustees are ultimately responsible for the accuracy and protection of data in their areas. Responsibilities include:

  • Approve business use of information.
  • Identify a Data Steward for each segment of information under their control.
  • Ensure implementation of standards and procedures for guaranteeing confidentiality, integrity, and availability and information, including:
    • Risk assessment
    • Data backup plan
    • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
    • Emergency mode operation
  • Determine security classification of each segment of information as described in the Information Classification Standard.
  • Define departmental access roles and assign access for individuals based on their need to know.
  • Ensure that all department/team personnel with access to information assets are trained in relevant security and confidentiality policies and procedures.
  • Ensure the protection of information assets under their control, including:
  • Identify all CONFIDENTIAL information assets containing individually personally identifiable information in any medium and document it.
  • Ensure compliance with federal and state laws and PCC policy regarding the use of personally identifiable information in directed communication/solicitation.

Data Steward

As designated by the Data Trustee, the official (and their staff) that has operational-level responsibility for the capture, maintenance, and dissemination of a specific segment of information.  This may include oversight of the installation, maintenance, and operation of hardware and software platforms. The Data Steward will:

  • Define and implement processes for assigning User access codes (using access profiles prepared for that use), revoking user access privileges, and setting file protection parameters.
  • Implement data protection and access controls established by the institutional policy.
  • Act as liaison for the department to Computer Incident Response Team.
  • Define and implement procedures for backup and recovery of information.
  • Ensure processes are in place for the detection of security violations.
  • Monitor compliance with information security standards.
  • Limit physical access to information assets, including:
    • Equipment control (into and out of office).
    • Authorization procedures prior to physical access.
    • Maintenance records.
    • Physical access control for visitors and escort, if appropriate.
  • Maintain records of those granted physical access to information assets if appropriate.
  • Provide special handling and protection for critical information assets, including:
    • Ensure that operating and maintenance personnel are given access necessary to perform system maintenance responsibilities without compromising CONFIDENTIAL information.
    • Ensure that authorized, knowledgeable persons supervise personnel performing maintenance activities related to CONFIDENTIAL information assets.