Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Recent Work by Three Sylvania Ceramic Artists
The work of three ceramic artists from the PCC Sylvania art faculty and technical staff, who are collectively exploring a wide range of methodology within the ceramics discipline.
Artists respond to environmental destruction in this group show. Winter 2017: January 17 to February 11
Drawing as Core
Artistic expression often germinates from a single mark. A line becomes a drawn form; a two-dimensional representation is interpreted as a three-dimensional form in the viewer's eye; a drawn thought brought to life. Fall 2016: November 12 to December 10
In the Balance
The North View Gallery is pleased to present In the Balance, an exhibition of large scale collage and print constructions by Portland area artist Diane Kendall. Fall 2016: October 3 to November 5
Simulated Archetypes
For this North View Gallery project, Portland-based artist Karl Burkheimer has constructed a series of sculptural armatures inspired by the architecture of billboard signage. Summer 2016: July 13 to Sept 16
2016 Sylvania Student Art Exhibition. Spring 2016: May 12 to June 3
SGCI Conference - FLUX: The Edge of Yesterday and Tomorrow
The North View Gallery is hosting three exhibitions associated with the 2016 SGCI Conference. Spring 2016: March 30 to April 29.
A Further Gleaning
Brenda Mallory's exhibition focuses on use of found and recycled scrap materials, prompting people to think about their consumption habits, to inspire creative reuse, and to initiate larger conversations about the waste society generates. Winter 2016: February 24 - March 19
The Pull of Repetition
A group exhibition featuring eight mid-career artists, deeply engaged with pattern and formal repetition in the realization of visually dynamic and structurally complex works. Winter 2016: January 14 - February 13
Erik Geschke: Amalgam
Referencing elements of architecture, industrial design and human physiology; Amalgam explores issues surrounding mortality, dystopia and modernism. Fall 2015: November 11 - December 19
The Far North: Portrait of the Arctic
The work of Larry Cwik traverses the five coastal nations of the Arctic, capturing the ingenuity and challenges of life in this swiftly-changing region. Fall 2015: October 5 - November 7
Disembodied Hands
Work from the Sylvania Arts Faculty: Summer 2015: June 20 - Sept. 23
Working Students Working
2015 Student Art Exhibition: Spring 2015: May 13 – June 4
Cumulus Congestus
An exhibition of large-scale watercolor paintings and installation work by Portland artist, Bethany Hays. Hays draws on the politics of motherhood, feminism, and art history in her search for common ground between her roles as a parent and an artist.
Walking in the Clouds
A temporary resident in the Pacific Northwest, Soyoung Park has produced an exhibition focused on her encounters with this region’s variable weather; the low and constantly shifting cloud cover as well as the less frequent, but all the more precious sun-filled skies.
Transformation Chase
This exhibition will include works by four artists who pursue image production as a type of transformation chase, hunting down forms of visual language where slippage between systems and chance coexist with erasure and evidence.
2014 Student Art Exhibition: Spring 2014: May 12 – 30
Reading History Upside Down
Intaglio Prints by Gen Flores and Sam Guerrero. Both artists look at the past to understand the present. As a result, there is often a blending of old world and contemporary aesthetics in their respective works which attempts to define and gain affirmation for how we see contemporary culture.
Surrounding Visibility

An exhibition by the Worksound Incubation artist’s collaborative, including hybrid installations by Erin McComb, Modou Dieng, Micah Hearn, Ethan Homan, Tim Janchar and Judith René Sturdevant. 

The Crystal LandThe Crystal Land

Paintings by local artists, including completed visual statements alongside the sketches, doodles, objects and diagrams that form the impetus for their ideas.

Force for changeForce For Change

A series of photographic portraits of the women who are certified self defense instructors in the Portland area in the Indonesian martial art Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen.

sticks and sageSticks & Sage

Whether it's with painted toothpicks stabbed into amorphous armatures or with hundreds of painted boxes stacked and re-stacked, Jesse Hayward creates art installations that are intended for direct audience manipulation. Utilizing repetition and ritual, he builds and paints objects in his studio that are then re-imagined.


Always one of the most anticipated shows of the season, the annual juried show attracts entries from all disciplines taught at the Sylvania campus including stone carving, casting, metal sculpture, assemblage, ceramics, digital photography, design, calligraphy, drawing, painting and watercolor.

two versions of outer spaceThe Space Between

Meg Peterson and Julia Stoops' collaborative exhibition is an investigation into the use of space as a metaphor for examining experience and reality.

gray shapesConfounding Medium

Blair Saxon-Hill's elegant and perceptually deceptive work examines relationships between photography, sculpture, archives, and outmoded print technologies.

dark paintingAtrox Somes

Comprised of a group of artists who have confronted a life changing health issue in their lives. The altered perceptual state that has resulted from these experiences is the focus of the artistic works presented.

large rock sculptureProgressive Practice: Fundamental Work

Artwork from the PCC Sylvania Visual & Performing Arts and Design Faculty.

Small dog sculptureVicki Lynn Wilson: Cumulus
A 1900 square foot installation made of cardboard, paper mache and paper.
sylvania art show2012 Annual Spring Student Art Exhibition
Please visit the show and vote on your favorite work of art!
pink background with many interconnected white linesDamien Gilley: Data Systems Plaza
Damien Gilley’s Data Systems Plaza appropriates and transforms the gallery into a temporary showroom exhibiting sculptural experiences from a fictitious company. Drawing influence from science fiction and technology developments of the early digital era, the works reference an industry that posits advanced, speculative, and futuristic products and phenomena.
small twinkling lights on a black wallArcy Douglass: Ten Thousand Things
Arcy Douglass's Ten Thousand Things uses the repetition of a simple formal vocabulary to reflect the complex structure of natural systems. Resembling the depth and expanse of the starlit sky or the gridded streetlights of an urban metropolis, Ten Thousand Things presents a field of lit points perpetually emerging into and escaping from our vision.
folded book pagesThe Organic Architecture of Books
Four Portland area artists explore the book format including its narrative and sculptural potential. Sarah Horowitz, Diane Jacobs, Angela Katona-Batchelor and Barbara Tetenbaum each approach the book medium through specific conceptual frameworks, which begin both in nature and within the artificial constructs of the book itself.
James Kirk watercolorJames Kirk: Face Forward Watercolors
James Kirk presents a salon style collection of monumental portraits and figurative paintings. The exhibition, comprising ninety-nine painted panels, features artworks generated primarily over the last year. Now eighty seven, the artist maintains a rigorous studio practice and is known as one of the region's most prolific and gifted figurative painters.
Beidler Moves ManagementEvertt A. Beidler: Moves Management
The exhibition featured two kinetic works and a short experimental film titled, “Moves Manager".
Feature PhotoCara Tomlinson Occupied: small paintings, works on paper, and objects
Cara Tomlinson's work has been shown nationally in solo and group shows. These recent paintings and works on paper are concerned with the process of construction: how houses, paintings and bodies are made.
Feature PhotoBaba Wague Diakite: Balancing Moon and Earth
A collection of the artist's original book illustrations, ceramic sculpture, masks, and bogolanfini (mudcloth) tableaux will be on exhibit. Wague's work has been exhibited throughout the US including the Craft and Folk Art Museum of Los Angeles and the New York Public Library.
Feature PhotoPortraits of Portland's Visual Arts Community
Veteran Portland photographer Aaron Johanson will be exhibiting an extended portrait collection of this region's art community.
Feature PhotoThe Lens Show
Northview Gallery is pleased to present its October Exhibition, The Lens Show.  Based on the material and conceptual possibilities of the lens, the show emerged from the collaborative discussions of a loose-knit group of Northwest stone carvers. 
Feature PhotoPCC Sylvania Art Faculty and Staff Exhibit
Sylvania Art faculty and staff exhibit their own work from May 27 to September 24, 2010.
Feature PhotoJuried PCC Sylvania Student Art Exhibition
The purpose of the PCC Sylvania Juried Student Art Exhibition is to showcase the artwork that results from a combination of outstanding students, and exceptional instruction.
Feature PhotoSelected Works from her shows, "Short Street" and "Sparrow Lane": Holly Andres
Holly Andres calls on the rich visual history of film and narrative photography in her works, often citing personal and fictitious memories of childhood.
Feature PhotoSubjective: Becca Bernstein and Gwenn Seemel
Portrait painters, Becca Bernstein and Gwenn Seemel, team up to explore the same subjects, each from their own unique perspective.
Feature PhotoSweet Devouration: Wendy Kveck
Exhibit includes new paintings as well as a sculptural piece. The work is bright, thick and looks good enough to eat.
Feature PhotoDANTE TRAVELS EAST: Dante Cohen
Works range from small ink and watercolor paintings on paper to large Chinese calligraphy scrolls.
Feature photoThank You For Having Me: Paintings of the PSU artist lectures by Ben Killen Rosenberg
These paintings originally were shown at Portland State University in the fall of 2008. "The greatest challenge in this entire process has been forcing myself to stay away from ways of making art that I was comfortable with. Because of this project, I’ve stumbled into some new ways of working."
Feature PhotoAnnual Juried Student Exhibition
The 2009 exhibition is open to any student registered in a Sylvania art class during the academic year or previous summer session (Summer 2008-Spring 2009).
Feature PhotoSandra Louise Dyas Down to the River; Portraits of Iowa Musicians
"Photographing musicians in Iowa landscapes, bars and small towns results in photographs that are intimate and powerful. Down to the River; Portraits of Iowa Musicians is a collection of portraits and memories."
Feature PhotoLeslie Nemour's Variety Show
"The premise for these paintings identifies the television as the most common framing device for contemporary two-dimensional images. The series began in 2005 with an exhibition entitled 'Television Portraits' followed by an expanded version, 'RUTV', in 2008. Variety Show represents a selection from the continuing evolution of this obsession."
Feature PhotoMaking Camp
"Making Camp" is a media treat with a surprise around every turn. Works range from small watercolors and ceramics to video to large 3-D installations and a 20’x20’ (approx) photo collage.
Feature PhotoA.Y. Bain's Pottery
Work from a past PCC instructor who was "primarily interested in using the domestic, utilitarian vessel as a vehicle for personal expression."
Feature PhotoWhen the Black Heart Bleeds
Artist Kurt Kemp: The works in the show are Intaglio,chine colle,collaged and hand-worked prints, mostly 24x32.