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RSS Feeds

RSS iconWhat is this all about?

Never miss another college news item or important event at PCC. RSS feeds allow you to get the newest website content delivered straight to your computer. By subscribing, you will be notified whenever new information becomes available.

How does it work?

Choose a step below to learn more:

1. Choose a feed reader

A reader is the program that feeds will be delivered to. Many readers such as Feedly can be added to your browser:

A comprehensive list of feed reader programs is also available.

2. Find your feeds

While viewing our site, you may notice a little orange RSS icon in your web browser. This is an indication that a feed is available for the page you are on. Below is a list of all available feeds for the Portland Community College website.

Copy the address of each feed to the reader. An example of an RSS feed address is: /about/feeds/news.xml

3. Start reading

Once subscribed, the content from the feed will be delivered automatically. Open your reader to see the newest information.

What feeds are available?