The Little Theatre

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Renting The Little Theatre

PAC Little Theatre

The Little Theatre is an intimate space where all the seats are good ones. Great for smaller performances and lectures.

Rental Rate Includes

  • 100-seat auditorium, stage, one staging area
  • Basic Rep plot lighting (25+ lights)
  • Up to 2 vocal or instrumental microphones
  • Up to 2 wireless microphones (Lavalier or Hand Held)
  • PCC cut gel stock is available ‘as is’
  • PCC Gobo stock available ‘as is’


Rates For-Profit Day Rate Non-Profit Day Rate Rehearsal Day Rate
Little Theatre $300 $250 $175

Please note: All events require a minimum of one PAC Supervisor present during all hours client is on PCC premises. See Personnel charges and policies. For additional rules that apply specifically to rental of any of the theatres, please view the Theatre Policies.

Additional Equipment Charges

See Rental Rates for additional equipment charges.