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10th International Education Week - All Week

Week-Long Displays and Initiatives

Mapping Objects and Work: Global Supply Chains in our Daily Lives

Rock Creek, Building 3 Mall, Coordinator: Sara Seely, Librarian

This interactive map display will follow the supply chain of common items, from its beginnings as “parts” in another country, to the path it takes to become a completed product and arrive at PCC.

Destinations of PCC Aviation Students

Rock Creek, Building 3 Mall, Coordinator: Sara Seely, Librarian

Aviation is an ever-popular field that literally opens a world of opportunities for students. This display will feature profiles of students in the Aviation Science program and will focus on the international nature of the field.

Peace Corps Exhibit

Sylvania CC Lower Mall Display Cases, Coordinator: Kate Chester, Community Relations

Artifacts and cultural items collected from Peace Corps Volunteer Veterans will be on display in the CC Building all week long.

The History of International Education

Cascade West Cafeteria, Coordinators: Diane Thornton, Women’s Resource Center, and Rachel Krueger, Roxanne Chulufas, Domenica Mendoza-Bueno, International Education

Follow this interactive timeline through the years as it charts the history of “international education” and study abroad initiatives at PCC and in the global community. Profiles of international students will also be included.

The World of PCC

Southeast Campus Great Hall, Coordinated by ASPCC Southeast

PCC International Students represent dozens of countries. Come check out this visual map of the world and learn about some of the unique places your students and classmates come from!

Donation Drive to Kilimanjaro

Help give the gift of education and empowerment to kids on the other side of the globe! We will be collecting clean, new or gently used clothing, shoes, books, and school supplies to send to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. The organization Make a Difference Now funds education through college for orphaned children whose parents died of AIDS, hunger, or other causes. Our donations will help these students put poverty behind them forever with the right to a good education!

PCC Reads

To continue connecting with the themes of immigration and diversity, check out this year's PCC Reads selection, Girl In Translation by Jean Kwok. Look for events throughout the year as we encourage a campus conversation about the important themes identified in this book!