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10th International Education Week - Wednesday

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: Participant Experiences on PCC

Sylvania CC Spruce Room, 11am-12pm, Facilitators: Nicole Tobin, International Education, students Denver Garrison and Travis Ritchie

What is it like to participate in one of PCC’s study abroad or international faculty development programs? Past participants describe their experience and participate in a lively Q & A about the unique learning experiences, exhilarating experiences and culture clashes they encountered while studying abroad.

Peace Corps Panel Presentation

Rock Creek Event Center C, 11am-12pm, Facilitator: Rachel Krueger, International Education

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers from the PCC and Portland communities will share their experiences working with Peace Corps. Experiences will cover a wide range of countries, volunteer tasks, and cultures.

Talk Time Café

Cascade MAHB 215, 11:45am-12:15pm, Facilitator: Useni Makano, International Education

Grab a free cup of coffee and a cookie and practice your English conversation skills while learning about US culture in a relaxed setting! This group meets each week to practice conversing in English about a different theme. Designed for ESOL students, this Café is open to the public. All are welcome!

International Student Panel Presentation

Rock Creek Event Center C, 1-2pm, Facilitator: Roxanne Chulufas, International Education

Come and hear what international students have to say about their experiences adjusting to life in America – the classroom differences, culture, food, friends, and their joys and struggles. These students are here to give you a glimpse into their unique perspective.

Life in Modern Day Jordan

Cascade SSB TLC, 1:30-3pm, Facilitator: Martha Bailey

What's really the status of women in Jordan today? Martha Bailey will share what she learned on her CIEE trip to Jordan. Find out about the political, social and economic situation, the religious attitudes, the issues for Christians and Muslims, Palestinians, and Bedouins. . . plus a side trip to the Old City of Jerusalem.

Meet the Professionals

Rock Creek Event Center C, 3-5pm, Facilitators: Melike Tulekova, Career Resource Center

How do international students move through the US educational system to obtain advanced degrees and/or get a job in the US? If you have ever dreamed of getting your Masters or PhD in the US but aren’t sure as an international student how to get it done, you should attend this workshop! In this first edition of the Meet the Professionals series, Massoud Saberian was an international student from Iran who came to the US as an international student when he was 19. He worked to get his bachelors in Civil Engineering and his Masters degree in Transportation Engineering and he also has Professional Engineering and Professional Traffic Operations Engineering licenses. He’s here to give his personal advice about obtaining a professional career as an international student in the US and working in Portland.

Fundación En Vía – Changing Lives One Woman at a Time

Sylvania CC Cedar Room 3-4pm, Facilitators: Shawna Poppe, BATCP and Luis Menchu, TSS

Fundación En Vía combines tourism and micro-finance to fight poverty in Oaxaca, Mexico. By providing interest-free micro-loans to help women in Oaxaca start or expand their small businesses, we facilitate social change, and generate real impacts and authentic cultural experiences. Come and hear about this program and some of the women that recent PCC members met while participating in the tour.

Creative Practices and Political Association in Contemporary Senegal

Sylvania CT 212, 3-4pm, Facilitator: Mark Smith

This slide presentation will examine contemporary artistic and literary tendencies in Senegal as they relate to current politics and the cultural shift away from French colonial influence. The slides will also feature Senegal's vibrant landscape and culture, including images from beautiful Goree Island, former seat of the West African slave trade.

Finding Money for Study Abroad

Sylvania CC Spruce Room, 3:30-4:30pm, Facilitator: Nicole Tobin, International Education

Ever dream of studying in another country, but feel that finances are holding you back? This workshop outlines how “money” factors into study abroad program participation and planning. With some planning, most students can make it happen. Let us help you dream a little and begin to develop your plan for international study!

Chopstick Competition

Cascade Underground, 3:30-5:30pm, Facilitator: Chuckie Nhat Le, ASPCC

We all know how tough it can be to use chopsticks to eat in a restaurant, but imagine trying to pick up small, slippery objects like M&Ms, dry beans, and dry rice! In this chopstick competition, you’ll see who has real finger-maneuvering skills in the race against the clock and gravity! Contact nhat.le3@pcc.edu or visit the Cascade Underground to sign up. Winners get prizes!

Discovering the World Through GIS

Lucky Lab SE, 6:30pm, Facilitator: Molly Vogt

In celebration of GIS Day, Molly Vogt, GIS Manager at Metro, will be presenting on the use of GIS in all realms of her work with the regional government and in her everyday life. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion on GIS careers. This event is hosted by PCC, ASPRS, and URSISA Young Professionals.

International Night!

Southeast Administration Building Community Hall, 6-8pm, Sponsored by ASPCC Southeast

Free Admission! Family Event! Games, prizes, cultural performances, food, and vendors. Bring the whole family and help us bridge all the cultures at this international carnival! Stop by and stay as long as you can!