2014 Art Beat | May 13-15

at Cascade, Rock Creek, Southeast and Sylvania

Filled with music, dance, literature, sculpture, painting and more, Art Beat has something for everyone. From presentations to performances to workshops, you'll find something fascinating to attend and, while you're enjoying, you'll be surprised at how much you learn. 

For 27 years, Art Beat has exemplified Portland Community College's recognition of the integral role the arts play in education and community—and PCC's festival shows this through involving participants in performance, allowing people to interact directly with artists, inviting all to play, and passing on experience and ideas in the most joyful ways possible.

Join us! Bring your friends and family! All is free; all are welcome.


From an original 14 x 17˝ ink and wash drawings from the graphic novel "Calling Dr. Laura"
by Nicole J. Georges © 2013

Featured Artist: Nicole Georges

PCC is proud to have graphic novelist, illustrator and educator Nicole J. Georges as our 2014 Art Beat Featured Artist. Georges writings include the zine Invincible Summer, started in 2000, and the graphic memoir Calling Dr. Laura. She is also the co-founder of the Portland Zine Symposium.

Founders’ Week

The third annual PCC Founders’ Week celebration, May 12-17, coincides with Art Beat—what a fantastic combination! Founders’ Week offers faculty, staff and students at Portland Community College the opportunity to salute PCC’s history and share their pride in the college and its accomplishments. While details are being finalized, you can expect a mix of athletic and academic activities – as well as some that are simply pure fun! – at each of the campuses.

2014 Schedule of Events

Art Beat Highlights

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