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Come and join in the celebration: May 11-15, 2009

Sylvania CampusLocated at 12000 SW 49th Ave., the Sylvania Campus is PCC's largest campus, on a beautiful wooded hillside, between Tigard and Lake Oswego.

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Weeklong Art Beat Events

PCC - Sylvania Art Students' Annual Exhibition

8am - 4pm daily *North View Gallery CT 214

Stop by the North View Gallery to see the exciting new work of 2006-2007 PCC-Sylvania art students. Jury-based awards will be presented at the Gallery Reception on Thursday, May 14, at 12 noon.

International Food Fair

11am - 2pm Daily *Performing Arts Center Courtyard

International food vendors provide a delicious accompaniment to the festivities. Enjoy your meal as you listen to live music, pause between classes or simply relax.

Monday, May 11

Sylvania Campus Art Beat Reception

9:30am - 11am Performing Arts Center Foyer

Join us to bring in this year's Art Beat! PCC District President Preston Pulliams receives this year's art, and students receive awards for their works in a variety of genres. The reception's highlight is the World premiere Performance of featured artist Bryan Johanson's work Fore!, a new composition for guitar quartet dedicated to Portland Community College. Fore! will be played by the Oregon Guitar Quartet, comprised of David Franzen, Ian Luxton, John Mery, Peter Zisa. From 9:30 to 10am, listen to the jazz ensemble MR. PC and the Love Orchestra as you enjoy refreshments provided by PCC's Traditions, Rituals and Fun Committee.

Hosted by PCC’s Traditions, Rituals and Fun

Bryan Johanson - Featured Artist Music Discussion

11am - 12 noon, Little Theatre

Portland-based composer Bryan Johanson has performed, recorded and published nationally and internationally, and won numerous major awards. Specifically for PCC's Art Beat, Bryan has created a new work, Fore! for guitar quartet. This vibrant work features a modular form that can be performed in 24 different configurations. Join Johanson for a discussion about his creative process and how he conceived of and composed this innovative work. The Oregon Guitar Quartet, composed of David Franzen, Ian Luxton, John Mery, Peter Zisa, works with Johanson for this presentation.

Krebsic Orkestar Gypsy Brass Band - Music Performance

12 noon - 1pm, PAC Courtyard

The Krebsic Orkestar is Portland's only 11-piece Balkan Gypsy Brass Band. Musicians from the Oregon Symphony, Portland Opera, and seasoned jazz players come together to play a lively, danceable, sometimes-sultry blend of gypsy songs from the Balkan region.

Student Reading - Literary Event

1pm - 2pm, Little Theatre

This always-popular Art Beat event showcases PCC Sylvania creative writers reading from their poetry, fiction and essays.

Grandma Zula’s Legacy - Film and Discussion

2pm - 3:30pm, Little Theatre

Come for a screening of Grandma Zula's Legacy, a film about an African-American family's struggles and triumphs from slavery to farm life in the South to cross-country migration to Oregon. After the film, stay for a discussion of the process and creation of this film with Julianne Johnson-Weiss, Zula's great granddaughter.

Inspired by family matriarch, Grandma Zula, Kiser/Payne women have a long tradition of building community, transcending racial barriers, and utilizing political channels to meet the needs of their community. Through the narration provided by Zula's great granddaughter, Julianne Johnson-Weiss, interviews with Zula's granddaughter, as well as interviews with historians that knew this family and friends that shared their experiences, we travel through time anecdotally; personally and with passion. These are the stories of the death and rebirth-of a lifestyle, segregation and integration-of a community, and this family’s desire to secure the rights for all regardless of race, creed or culture.

The traditional story of the Civil Rights Movement often starts and ends in the South, and this film brings to light what African-Americans were doing to organize, become political activists, and transcend racial barriers in the Pacific Northwest, which posed its own set of unique challenges in the fight for equality and justice.

Tuesday, May 12

Student Composers - Music Performance

10am - 11am, Performing Arts Center Foyer

Join us for a listening session featuring an assortment of new musical works submitted to the 2008 PCC Art Beat Student Composition Competition.

DIY Lounge-Hands - on Creation

11am - 1pm, PAC Courtyard

She's back! Jenn Nietzel, founder of DIY Lounge, returns to PCC for hands-on crafting. This time she'll be teaching us how to use stenciling techniques to make kick-ass t-shirts. Stenciling is a simple, inexpensive and non-toxic way to transfer images onto your clothing. Come and check out this radical DIY-kitsch workshop. You don't want to miss this popular event!


Molly Gloss - Literature Reading and Discussion

11am - 12 noon, Little Theater

Award winning author Molly Gloss speaks about the research and writing of her latest novel The Heart of Horses, about a young woman breaking horses for a community of ranchers in Eastern Oregon in 1917.

Jack Straw - Music Performance

12 noon - 1pm , Performing Arts Center Foyer

Local bluegrass group Jack Straw will liven up your lunch hour! Enjoy as this talented four-piece ensemble plays their original music along with classic tunes. Jack Straw has been a prominent part of the Portland music scene for over a decade; their lively music and amazing playing continues to draw crowds and get people dancing.

Kanaan Kanaan & Michele Feder-Nadoff - Collaborative Performance Art and Discussion

1pm - 3pm, Performing Arts Center Foyer

Kanaan Kanaan and Michele Feder-Nadofff present "Passing." This simple sheet of embroidered blue and red stitches is a sculptural artifact created by the two artists standing on opposite sides of the sheet, carefully working so as not to prick the other's hand while passing the needle back and forth in a delicate dance of cooperation. Red represents the color of Kanaan's Palestinian heritage, and blue, the Israeli flag, represents Feder-Nadoff's Jewish background. The poetic gesture of these two traditionally estranged people working together in harmony signifies hope. Metaphorically, this work suggests the religious and political divides that act as barriers to peace and can only be resolved through cooperation and trust.

  • Co-Sponsored by PCC's Women's Resource Center and The Arab American Cultural Center of Oregon

Jim Lommasson - Photography Discussion

2pm - 3pm, Little Theatre

Jim Lommasson discusses his current project, Exit Wounds: Combat Trauma and the Trials of Homecoming exhibit and upcoming book. Lommasson has been photographing and interviewing returning soldiers from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Included with his photographs of the soldiers are thousands of photos taken by the soldiers while at war.

Bob Dozono - Library Art Tour

3pm - 4pm, Meet in Library Lobby

Artist and former PCC Art Instructor Bob Dozono leads a tour of Sylvania's Library art collection. Dozono not only helped to develop this collection; he also knows many of the artists and can bring greater insight into their works.


Mary Oslund - Master Dance Class

3:30pm - 5pm, HT 101

Join for an opportunity to gain a condensed contemporary dance experience. Participants will be led through a compact warmup series guided by Oslund & Co Artistic Director, Mary Oslund. The class includes movement phrases used in the company's new work, Anatomica, which will be presented on Thursday, May 14, at 1pm. All are welcome to participate! Please contact Heidi Diaz ( to reserve a space.

Wednesday, May 13

Faculty Reading

10am - 11am, Little Theatre

Enjoy as PCC Faculty Maria Caruso, Andy Fague, Kathy O'Shaughnessy and Van Wheeler read from their works. Including poetry, fiction and non-fiction, these readings are sure to intrigue and inspire.

Northwest Poetry in Song

11am - 12pm, PAC

Composer and pianist Sylvia Gray puts to music poetry written by local authors Barbara Drake, Michael McDowell, Tim Barnes, Paula Lowden and Cherry Britton. Join us for this premiere performance as ChristyAnne Hamilton, soprano, adds to the voices of the poets themselves.

Micki Skudlarczyk - Ceramics Discussion and Demonstration

11am - 1pm, CT 119

Micki Skudlarczyk is a visual artist whose work investigates the psychological and emotional realities surrounding life and death. Skkudlarczyk comes from a strong tradition of ceramics and also uses other materials, such as pig and cow skin, to express her ideas. She demonstrates the unconventional hand-building techniques she uses to create her porcelain fleshy, seductive forms.

Skudlarczyk's work has been exhibited throughout the United States as well as Canada and Mexico and is included in numerous private collections. She was invited to be an artist in residence at the Fundacion Gruber, Jez in Cholul, Mexico and at the LH Project in Joseph, Oregon. Skudlarczyk has been awarded fellowships and grants, most recently a Lighton International Artists' Exchange Program from the Kansas City Artists' Coalition. She received her Masters of Fine Art from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and now lives in Portland, Oregon, where she teaches at the Oregon College of Art & Craft and at Portland Community College.

Al Andalus - Musical Performance

12 noon - 1pm, Performing Arts Center Courtyard

Hailed as "a new musical language that unites the East and West," Al-Andalus draws from a rich array of root sources-Arabic, African, Castilian and Jazz-to create a refreshing blend of contemporary, contemplative music that will touch your heart and soul!

Depending on the formation, Al-Andalus may be likened to a World Chamber Music Ensemble, small Jazz-Combo or danceable WorldBeat Group. At its core are Tarik and Julia Banzi, multi-instrumentalists who perform primarily on the oud (plucked, fretless lute) and flamenco guitar, while switching to other instruments in the same performance-to ney (reed flute), kamanja (Western violin), darbuka (goblet shaped drum), Andalusian tar (small tambourine) and bendir (frame drum). The ensemble is augmented with additions of piano, trumpet, violin, flamenco/andalusian dance, percussion and vocals.

Arvie Smith - Artist Talk

1pm - 2pm, Performance - Little Theatre

Arvie Smith presents a slide show of his recent body of work, Chitlin Circuit. He addresses both formal painting issues as well as social and historical issues that drive his work. As an African-American growing up in the South and South Central Los Angeles, his life experience and studies envelop his work as he narrates through images and composition. Following this discussion, Smith holds a workshop in CT 230.

Arvie Smith - Drawing the Figure Workshop

2pm - 3pm, CT 230

Through direct observation, demonstration and drawing the nude figure, participants will be challenged to deepen their visual awareness and objectivity in seeing and accurately drawing shapes, their proportions and relationships to each other and the whole. Note: A nude model will be a part of this workshop.

Student Films—Film Presentation

2pm - 3pm, Little Theatre

Drama, comedy, documentary and more: PCC student filmmakers exhibit their creations. Come and enjoy this screening of original works.

Thursday, May 14

Graphic Design Panel - Discussion and Conversation

9am - 10am, CT 109

PCC graphic design alumni visit the campus to discuss life after their graphic design education:  real-world challenges and entry-level graphics.

Isaac Vasquez Garcia - Artist Talk

10am - 11am, Little Theatre

Internationally-known weaver Isaac Vasquez Garcia from Teotitlan del valle in Oaxaca presents his weaving process from spinning the wool and natural color dying to designing with traditional Zapotec motifs and weaving carpets and tapestries.  Vasquez Garcia’s work is influenced by Mexican painter Rufino Tamayo, with whom he worked for over twenty years.  The slide lecture will be in Spanish with English interpretation.

Co-Sponsored by PCC's International Education

Erik Geschke - Sculpting Discussion and Demonstration

11am - 1pm, CT 133

Mixed-media sculptor Erik Geschke talks about his obliquely satirical sculptures that explore the familiar and investigate how we depict and interpret both ourselves, the created environment and the natural world.  Following a slide show, Geschke demonstrates the techniques he uses for casting and constructing with Aqua Resin, a material he frequently uses in his work.

Currently an Assistant Professor of Art at Portland State University, Geschke’s work has been exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally, at venues including the UCLA/Hammer Museum of Art, The Navy Pier in Chicago, and the FIAC-Paris International Contemporary Art Fair.

Jujuba - Music Performance

12 noon-1pm, Performing Arts Center Foyer

This high-energy Afrobeat and Juju with an eleven-piece band features master talking drum player Nojeem Lasisi from Lagos, Nigeria.  Enjoy the hot percussion, funky rhythm section and blazing horn section!

Von Glitschka - Graphic Design

12 noon - 1pm, Little Theatre

Innovative and imaginative, Von Glitschka (of Glitschka Studios in Salem) gives his presentation, "I'm a Graphic Designer.*"

Student Art Show Reception and Awards

12 noon - 2pm, North View Gallery

Come and see what PCC Sylvania students have created!  This annual event highlights and rewards the remarkable work of PCC students.  Refreshments served.

Oslund & Company - Dance Performance

1pm - 2pm, HT Gym

Oslund & Company presents the premiere of Anatomica.  Oslund has collaborated with composer Darrin Verhagen (Australia), visual artist Christine Bourdette (Portland), and lighting designer Jeff Forbes (Portland) in creating this work for the eight dance artists of the company.  Anatomica is a filmic look at the living world through the layers of an endless story, one which reveals the expressive and athletic capabilities within animated figures and scenes.  Funding is partially and generously provided by PCC, Oregon Arts Commission, Multnomah County Cultural Commission and The Kinsman Foundation.  The dancers are Amber Baker, Rinda Chambers, Jessica Hightower, Keely McIntyre, Jim McGinn, Eric Nordstrom, Michelle Rogers and Vanessa Vogel.

Michael Southern - Printmaking Discussion and Demonstration

1pm - 3pm, CT 125

Southern, a printmaker, painter and instructor at PCC Rock Creek, holds the natural world as key to his art, stating he needs "interaction with nature to feel balance, connection and mystery."  Join as Southern discusses his work and process and gives a printmaking demonstration. 

How I Learned to Drive - Theater Presentation

2:30pm - 4pm, PAC

Directed by Patrick Tangredi, PCC presents Paula Vogel’s Pulitzer Prize winning comedy/drama How I Learned to Drive.  This play chronicles the growing pains of a young woman destined to escape the limitations of her family, and the uncle who champions her maturity, yet takes advantage of her youth.  An empowering story about trust, growing up and metaphors involving driving you won’t forget!  Rated: PG-14 (contains adult situations).

Friday, May 15

Hands-On Art Festival

10:30am - 2pm, PAC Courtyard

Sylvania's central courtyard comes alive with music and art, including aluminum casting, photography, painting, ceramics and more. Join as PCC instructors and students show participants various artistic techniques, and create something to take home with you!

PCC Chamber and Choir - Voices of Soul

11am - 12 noon, Performing Arts Center Foyer

The PCC Chamber and Choir presents musical pieces spanning the 40s, 50s and 60s.Through individual and group performances they pay tribute to gospel, jazz theatre and Pop, including a medley from one the most prolific songwriting teams of our time: The Beatles! Come, enjoy, and bring the kids to VOICES OF SOUL

SPUN - Hip Hop Music Performance

12:30pm - 2pm, Performing Arts Center Foyer

Listen, enjoy and dance to the rhythm of Spun Academy, a private, nonprofit school dedicated to the instruction of nontraditional, forward-thinking music creation, performance, and artistic support. Distinguished faculty and professional DJs from Spun join PCC Hip Hop instructors for an informal lecture/demonstration in the PAC foyer and courtyard.

ClubPCC - Music Performance

1pm - 3pm, CC River City Cafe

An intermediate performance space for artists, musicians, poets and dancers, River City Cafe hosts ClubPCC. Come and enjoy the music of PCC students and faculty, including Julianne Johnson-Weiss. If you are interested in performing, please email Julianne Johnson-Weiss at