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Come and join in the celebration: May 11-15, 2009

Each year, a new website is created to highlight the many events of ArtBeat week. The site is built to promote the years featured art piece and display information about scheduled events.

20092009 ArtBeat Archive
May 11-15, 2009
Featured Artist - Bryan Johanson
Portland-based composer and performer Bryan Johanson created Fore! specifically for PCC’s Art Beat. Fore!, dedicated to PCC, is a guitar quartet composition that can be played in twenty-four different configurations.
20082008 ArtBeat Archive
May 12-16th, 2008
Featured Artist - Harry Widman
ArtBeat is proud to have nationally and internationally recognized painter Harry Widman as our Featured Artist in 2008. His work, "Mother and Daughter," is now a part of PCC’s permanent collection
20072007 ArtBeat Archive
May 7-11th, 2007
Featured Artist - Mylan Rakich
A large scale metal sculptor, Rakich will discuss his approach to three-dimensional compositions in mild steel and how process and mediums can dictate an outcome.
20062006 ArtBeat Archive
May 8-12, 2006
Featured Artist - George Johanson
20052005 ArtBeat Archive
May 12-16, 2005
Featured Artist - William Dyas Garnett
20042004 ArtBeat Archive
May 10-14, 2004
Featured Artist - James Lavadour
20032003 ArtBeat Archive
May 12-16, 2003
Featured Artist - Trude Parkinson
20022002 ArtBeat Archive
May 6-10, 2002
Featured Artist - Minh Tran
20012001 ArtBeat Archive
May 7-11, 2001
Featured Artist - Adriene Cruz